1 thought on “How to give dogs”

  1. First, take a bath for the baby
    First of all, take some preparations for the dogs. To take a bath for the lovely babies, be sure to wash it cleanly, give the dog's drop of pet eye drops to make their eyes brighter. In addition, wipe off the dog's eyes. If you, put a beautiful set of clothes.
    . Prepare mobile phones
    Preparing the phone, preferably high pixels, and the effect of about 13 million pixels is better. In addition, the battery must be fully charged. Because taking pictures for dogs can not be taken at once, the demand for electricity is quite large. The memory card must also be fully prepared. Once half of the shot of the memory card is not enough, how regrettable it is.
    . The tools that are ready to attract dogs
    In general, we can prepare a tennis. Because dogs are very interested in ball objects. The moment you took the ball from the pants pocket, did the dog's eyes only follow the ball? Intersection Intersection Intersection This is inevitable ~ Of course, it is also troublesome to take a ball with a mobile phone. It doesn't matter. Next I will introduce you to a artifact to take pictures for dogs!

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