How do hunters feed pets in wow? Intersection

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  1. You need to buy or get food to feed. The steps are as follows:

    1. First of all, the player needs to summon pets and choose beast knowledge.
    2, then see all the foods that pets can eat.
    3. Players can click Zhenmin in the main city and choose catering suppliers.
    4. After finding, choose a food that pets can eat.
    5, then click feeding pets.
    6, you can feed the food you bought.

  2. There are 6 kinds of foods, meat, fish, mushrooms, fruits, cheese, bread, generally you will drop these, if you buy it, find a meat business bread, (in the town ... click you Put a large mirror tracking in the upper right corner, choose the tracking food and drink, find the yellow point, and talk to him ... PS: I am very proud of this tracking ... I am a double hunter, plus the "tracking fishing point skills . The drop -down menu ...)
    wants to know what pets eat:
    1. Use 'beast knowledge' directly to your pets;
    2. If you haven't learned it yet , Press C, which is your character interface, choice for pets, of course, fighting pets, do n’t your pets have a happy green face and blushing face. Put the mouse to that position will display the food that pets like to eat,
    Whatever feeding, you should learn 'feeding' skills, the simplest is
    1 Open the backpack, 2 click some food, 3 mouses on your pet (pet avatar can also be) click, okay It can be fed again for 20 seconds ... Of course, if you can only use
    or you use a plug -in, you must have one -click feeding function. At the end of your pet blood bar Drag the food in
    Questioning to make pet food, cook to about 300 or more, there is a daily cooking in the outer area of ​​Satas, and there is a chance in the reward box. Also, there is also a pet food recipe in Zanjia Marsh Spore Village, but this is very garbage
    It the use of pet food is different from other ordinary ones, right -click to use it, just like eating it yourself. Operation

  3. How many levels are you? After summoning the beast, the trainer will let you go to the main city to find the trainer, and then teach you to feed pets. There are pets that pets love to eat in the pet bar. Wild pigs eat everything, birds and crab feed fish, general stores are sold, and if you are cooking, you can cook for your baby, have special foods for pets, and give pet growth attributes. Endurance or attack power.

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