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  1. As of October 2019, there are 4 towns in Yiliang County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, namely Beicu Town, Goujie Town, Zhushan Town, and Majie Town. The details are as follows:
    1, North Ancient Town
    The ancient town of North Ancient Town is located in the northeast of Yiliang County, 9 kilometers from the county seat. Southeast is bordering from Kuangyuan Town and Shilin County. The west is connected to Songming County, Kuangyuan Town, Tangchi Town, Malacca Township, Gengjiaying Township in the north, and Jiuxiang Township in the northeast.
    2, Dog Street Town
    73 kilometers from the provincial capital of Kunming, 17 kilometers from Yiliang County, Banqiao Town, Shilin County in the east, across the south of Chengjiang County in the southwest , To the south with Zhushan Township, Kuangyuan Town in the north.
    3, Zhushan Town
    The southernmost tip of Zhuliang County in Zhushan Town. It is located between 108 ° 1′49 ″ ~ 103 ° 11′50 ″ East, between 24 ° 30′36 ″ ~ 24 ° 42′18 ″ north latitude, stone forest in the east, Maitreya County, which connects Honghe in the south, west across the south Panjiang River and the south of the south and the south of the south and the south Panjiang River and the west. The Yuxi area and Huining County were looking at each other, and the north was adjacent to the Dog Street Town of the County.
    4, Majie Town
    Majie Town is located in the northern part of Yiliang County, 103 degrees east longitude, 25 degrees north latitude. The town is connected, and the east side is bordering of Ma Ming Township, Malong County, and the northwest and Songming Niulujiang Town. The terrain is high in the north, the middle part is wide, and the west and mountains are undulating.
    The expansion information
    The geographical environment of Yiliang County:
    Yiliang County is located in the central part of Yunnan Province and belongs to the eastern part of Kunming. It is located between 24 ° 30′36 "~ 25 ° 17′02" north latitude, between 102 ° 58′22 "~ 103 ° 28′75" east longitude, and the seven counties in the two districts in the four weeks; The county is adjacent to the south of Maitreya County, Huining County, the west with Chengjiang County, Chenggong County and Guandu District, and the Songming County and Malong County in the north are connected. rn东西最大横距51.5公里,南北最大纵距85.3公里,面积1913.53平方公里(含已托管的汤池镇),其中山地占88%,盆地占8%、谷地占3%,水域约1 %.
    The county town built an area of ​​11.4 square kilometers. The county people's government is stationed at Kuangyuan Street, with an altitude of 1536 meters, 52 kilometers from the main urban area of ​​Kunming (Kunshi Expressway Line), and 24 kilometers and 38 kilometers from the national scenic tourist area -Shilin and Jiuxiang Scenic Area.
    Reference information Source: Yiliang County People's Government-Understanding of Yiliang

  2. Yiliang County has 5 towns and 7 townships. They are: Kuangyuan Town, Beicu Town, Nanyang Town, Goujie Town, Penglai Township, Tangchi Town, Beiyang Street Township, Caoming Township, Majie Township, Gengjiaying Township, Jiuxiang Township, Zhushan Township

  3. Nine townships in Yiliang County: Kuangyuan Town, Beicu Town, Nanyang Town, Goujie Town, Tangchi Town, Majie Township, Gengjiaying Yi Miao Township, Jiuxiang Yi Hui Township, Zhushan Township.

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