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  1. Pets are obtained through tame. The only pets that can be tamed are the wolf, and the wolf will become a dog after taming.

    On how to tame the wolf

    The first step: prepare the bone (Havage archer has a certain probability to drop the bone)

    Note: At least: At least Prepare 10 bones. It is said that some people have fed 10 to tame to success, but many people have succeeded in once ~

    Step 2: Hold the bone with the bone and click (feed) wolf.

    Net Note: As for a few times, it depends on the face. Generally, it will be successful in 1 or twice. n
    Step 3: When the color of the wolf becomes blue (with a collar), and sit down, it means that it has been tamed successfully and becomes a loyal king! r r r

    Is empty -handed (you can switch into empty -handed states), or click the wolf to switch to follow (stand), standby (sit down, stay in place) status

    After the wolf will take the initiative to attack the object you attack or attack you ~ Take a team of Wang Wang on the night of Yueyin, it is called a cool ~

    above is the mini world pet Introduction to the relevant strategies obtained, if you want to have a cute pet, you must prepare the tame material, so that you can make the wolf a dog you beloved. For more game strategies, please pay attention to the 87G Mini World Zone.

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