1 thought on “Where is Baoding Dog Base?”

  1. The Baoding Dog Base is east of Dongjinzhuang Village, Beibei District, Baoding City.
    Storton breeding bases have gone through 30 years. The breeding center is located at the junction of Jining North Overseas Ring and Wenshang. In 2014, it has made great contributions to the national supply of good varieties. One of the breeding farms was rated as "National Key Cow -sheep donkey breeding base.
    The farm is a venue that uses the farm to be domesticated and raised by humans. Charlie Lai Niu Limu praised the physiological functions of animals such as animals such as Niu Liman Cold Sheep Bors, Donkey Pig.
    In artificial breeding and reproduction, plant can be transformed into animals such as forage and feed to obtain meat to obtain meat to obtain meat , Egg, milk, wool, cashmere, skin Zhang, silk, and medicinal production departments. The breeding base.

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