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  1. What should I pay attention to when taking a pet downstairs? How should I disinfect it after returning home?
    During the epidemic, owners should do a good job of protecting themselves and pets.
    minimize the number of outing times, control the time of going out, and go out to go out. Don't let pets close to the feces of other animals, and don't discard your pet's feces at will. Try not to bring pets to the wild to reduce their opportunities to contact wild animals. If you have conditions, please wear a special mouth cover for pets to prevent them from picking up unknown objects as much as possible.
    Is go home with pets, please wash your hands with soap and water according to the specification process. And wipe the hair of cleaning pets with alcohol -containing wet towels, especially faces and claws. Take a regular pet to take a bath. Pets such as cats and dogs such as cats and dogs.
    How to disinfect the family of pets?
    Idders with safer pets and used instructions. These disinfectants are not toxic for humans and animals, and they will not be fatal even if pets accidentally lick.
    If you need to use 84 disinfectant, bleach and other items, first place pets in non -disinfection space. These disinfectants should be diluted strictly according to proportions, and they must be washed in secondary water. After the disinfection is completed, and after it is completely volatile (about 30 minutes), cats and dogs enter the disinfection space.
    Is when pets are playing outdoors, will it increase the risk of carrying viruses if they come into contact with wild animals?
    The hosts of viruses, bacteria and parasites, so we need to maintain a safe distance with wild animals without disturbing or contact.
    The varieties of pets have more and more varieties of pets, including many wild and foreign species. Is there any hidden health hazards to raise them? Out of love and curiosity, some people treat wild animals as pets as pets, including fishes, amphibious, crawling, birds and beasts. They may come from descendants of artificial breeding in the wild or wild sources, and some of them come from other countries and regions.
    All wild animals should not be raised as pets. Raising wildlife as pets may threaten the survival of the field population, and it may also cause risks such as human and livestock to risks sharply. The best protection for wild animals is to keep them in habitats in the wild.

  2. After walking, you can use UVC disinfection sterilizers to disinfect all dog ropes, shoes, and chest straps. The use of cleaner for disinfection will cause more or less damage to pets. It is the best way to use physical and non -contact ways of antivirus.

  3. You can buy a special disinfectant for pets. Use the disinfectant method. After you go home, you can disinfect it with disinfectant, and then clean up.

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