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  1. How can I wash their feet correctly for the dog? As a dog -loving dog, I will teach you.
    Dogs are good friends of human beings. I also have dogs. My dog ​​is called Yuanbao. In the first half of the year, I was still in Dongguan with me. I raised it for eight years. Now I am older, so I sent him to the countryside for my dad to help take care of it.
    Mi -going home from get off work every day. He stayed at the door every day waiting for me to go home. After dinner, he would take him to a nearby park to walk around. If it is a big sunny day, it will not be too dirty to come back, and you don't need to wash it. Because the hair on the soles of the dog's feet, it will help cut off every time, but it will not work on rainy days, and it will stick to some dirty puree. Especially in the three four days of Guangdong, it rains almost every day, but the dogs take it out every day. Come back on the paws dirty, causing a lot of footprints on the floor.
    . At the beginning, I would also be troubled by this problem. Later, I raised dogs for a long time. I have mastered the method. Every time I walk back after walking, if it is rainy days, I will hold the dog to the bathroom of the living room before entering the door, and wet the floor of the bathroom with water to let it walk a few more times in it until the soil on the soles of the feet will not be used to the soil of the soles of the feet. All stick to the toilet floor. Then let it come out again, so that there will be almost no mud sand. Dogs will not leave dirty footprints in the living room. The sand in the bathroom is cleaned with water directly.
    The dogs in the city are not as good as rural areas. Rural dogs are outside. The dogs in the city can almost only be outside once a day, that is, the owner takes it outside. Dogs are prone to stones. If you do n’t go out often, your body is prone to problems.
    Is like dogs, you must remember to take the dog out to walk every day. This is good for the dog's health, and you can also move together. How to wash your dogs when you come back to the dog, you know now. It's very simple, don't think so complicated.

  2. After the dog comes back, you must clean the dog's foot. Especially in the summer, the dog's sweat is only inside the tongue and foot pad. You try not to take a bath for two or three days, what taste in the Gazi nest.
    This for dogs to clean many types.
    , clean water. This is a method that most families choose to use, and rinse the dog directly with water.
    two, clean foam. It will be more convenient for cleaning foam.
    three, wipe the wet cloth. Use a wet cloth directly to finish.
    It these three methods can be. But many people ignore an important point. That is to blow dry. Only blowing can reduce the chance of foot cracking.
    In these three methods, I personally recommend using a clean foam.
    and if there are already cracked foot pads. After cleaning, you can use Vaselin. Of course, be sure to bring a headset to the dog, and you can apply him before going to bed. Because he will walk around during the day. The effect will be very small.
    The common toe inflammation is caused by the infection caused by the wetness in the foot pad. Mild toe inflammation, wipe it with iodine. Then, kick the soles of the feet. Keep dry and dry, if it is severe enough to appear in pustules. Be sure to squeeze the pus inside. The anti -inflammatory medicine powder used by man is applied. Give a dog. Try to reduce the time of the dog walking. If you have to go, wrap it in gauze. Fingertips are particularly good for treatment. As long as you keep your feet dry, you will slowly cure it. As long as it can be cleaned daily and keeps dry, the shape will gradually be reduced. Both toe and ear mites are caused by the typical owners of the typical laziness. So it is best to clean these parts regularly.
    Inly, I recommend that I walk back every time I walk to check and wipe the dog's feet, but that's the best to keep the dry and hygienic foot environment. As for the soles of the dog's feet, there will be a condition of cracking. This is not particularly worried. Many dogs will have this situation, especially the older dogs, the more obvious it will be, and wipe is also a way to clean up bacteria. As long as there is no bleeding, this situation is normal. After all, dogs cannot wear shoes and walk on the ground.

  3. Wash your feet for it once, will it be too agitated? In fact, washing your feet is definitely necessary. Dogs are not very conscious of human autonomy. Sometimes it may be randomly pulled out outside, and even walks to the garbage dump. At this time, take it home. Some dogs also particularly like to on the sofa. Instead, they do not wash their feet very unhygienic, so washing their feet is still good. It can help the dog remove the foreign objects on its feet, and to prevent the dog from carrying bacteria to At home, it can also prevent staining the room. It seems that washing your feet for dogs is indeed necessary.
    The palms of dogs are indeed a part that the owner is easy to ignore, so because the palm is on the ground, it will not attract attention, but the dog's feet are indeed very important parts. Try to help as much as possible after going out. It is cleaned, and you must remember to dry it at the same time, especially in the cold season. If it is not dry, it may cause the disease, and the dog can not speak. It feels uncomfortable. Cracking.
    When you bring the dog home at the same time, it is also best to check whether there are foreign bodies, such as small stones or glass fragments, especially after the dog has lame legs, be sure to check whether the meat pads have been taken out whether it is being being subject to Foreign objects are tied. After removing foreign bodies, you can apply erythromycin ointment to help the dog wound healing. At the same time, the hair and nails of the dog's paws should be repaired in time. The cleaning of the dog is definitely good for the owner and the dog itself.
    This is actually very simple to wash your feet. As a master of dog breeding, it is definitely not difficult to wash your feet to wash your feet. Generally speaking, the dogs after walking outdoors will be stained with some dust and dirt on their feet, so you can wash it with water after returning home. Note that under normal circumstances, use water to clean your feet for dogs. However, if the dog's feet are dirty, then you cannot avoid using some bath liquids (specially dedicated to dogs), which will be cleaned more thorough and cleaner.
    It is a point. After washing your feet, you must dry it. If you do not dry, there will be many parasites or fungal infections, so that the dog will get skin disease. Occasionally, the owner of the dog asked why his dog would bite the feet or the hair of the feet, because the water infected by the soles of the feet did not dry.
    Because of the dogs, there is a layer of hairy whether large dogs or small medium dogs. This is the reason for the hair removal in the summer. skin disease.
    If washing with water and adding a dog's shower gel! However, if you use water, you must blow dry, especially the toe seam, otherwise it is prone to inflammation and rotten. An important advantage of rubbing your feet is that you can check whether the meat pads are tied!
    If you use a bath solution for pet dogs, it is best to clear it a few more times when cleaning, and clean the bath liquid on the dog's feet thoroughly.

  4. After walking the dog back, hold the dog into the bathroom, pick up a pot of warm water, lift the dog's paw, dip the paw wet with warm water, and then use the shower gel to use the foam to clean it. After washing, wipe all the paws with a towel, and blow all the hair in the toe seam with a hair dryer.

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