5 thoughts on “Why do you want to walk a dog?”

  1. Walking dogs every day is mainly the following reasons:
    1. Solving the excretion problem. This is the most common reason. Walk the dogs every day to make the dog have muscle memory. Knowing that you want to urinate outside, you don't have to worry about the dogs who can diarrhea at home. During the dog walking dog, the stool of dogs must be treated in time with garbage bags and disposable gloves. Do not affect the beauty of the city, but also to prevent roads from stepping on.
    2, exercise. We do n’t go out to exercise more easily, and the same is true of dogs. Going out every day to walk dogs can play a role in exercise, speed up the blood circulation of dogs, enhance metabolism, and enhance the dog's resistance and immunity. The problem of obesity is not enough.
    3, release energy to avoid demolition. Everyone must know that the dog's ability to demolish the family must be good. It is good for the slippers at home. At this time, going out and walking dogs is a good way to relieve. Dogs are active. Running and playing happily when you go out can release a lot of energy. When you get home, you have been exhausted.

  2. Walking the dog is because the dog can have enough exercise, and move the muscles and bones, which can also make it feel happy.
    The intentions for raising dogs are different, but raising dogs must bear the responsibility of the dog owner. The dog walking is a task.
    This dogs are good for dogs:
    1. Dogs are born to sports. Bringing the dog out can make it feel physically and mentally. But to combine the dog's age, arrange other outdoor sports content. Growth -growing dogs can combine training content, adult dogs can become a game of digestive strength, and old dogs can become a walk for activity. Dogs that have sufficient outdoor sports are longer than the dogs who have stayed indoors for a long time.
    2. Wild activities can not only exercise the body, but also use the sunlight ultraviolet rays to kill the bacteria and parasites on the dog.
    3. For dogs that are prone to getting fat, after eating and drinking, exercise outdoors and walking every day is a good way to avoid getting fat. Because the dogs after obesity can easily cause a variety of diseases.
    4. Dogs can make similar friends, have their own similar social circles, allow dogs to learn to deal with other dogs and cultivate their social ability.
    This dogs are good for the owner:
    1. The owner walks the dog regularly, arranges his time, and has a regular good habit of living.
    2. Walking dog is also a sport. Whether it is the old man's walk or the running of young people, you can continue to make yourself healthier for a long time.
    3. Walking dogs is a moment of relaxation. You can let the busy people rest leisurely and release people who work in a state of tight work. The time to walk the dog every day is a good time for the owner to relax.
    4. When walking the dog, you will encounter another dog owner. Unknowingly expanding your communication circle may encounter the other half of life.
    This dogs are good for dogs and owners.
    The biggest advantage of walking dogs is to enhance the feelings of the owner and the dog. The owner can observe the dog while walking the dog, better understand the dog's movements, and get a lot of fun from it.
    This out of the dog out can improve the status in your heart. You can bring snacks for obedience training. When you do well, you must give rewards in time to make puppies more loyal to you. Of course, the most important thing is that puppy can release unnecessary energy.
    The basic matters to be paid attention to when walking dogs:
    1. Set a time walking the dog. Don't let dogs consume too much physical strength. do not wanna go Home.
    2. Grasp the dog's rope. Especially when there are many people, avoid accidents when crossing the road.
    3. Do not take the dog to take a tram or skate the dog.
    4. After returning home, check the dog's paw status and clean the paws and hair.

  3. Because it is a kind of love of dogs. After we raised the dog, if we kept it at home, the dog had emotions to take him out and walk. It can also see the outside world. mild.

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