4 thoughts on “Do you walk the dog every day?”

  1. Walking dogs every day is mainly the following reasons:
    1. Solving the excretion problem. This is the most common reason. Walk the dogs every day to make the dog have muscle memory. Knowing that you want to urinate outside, you don't have to worry about the dogs who can diarrhea at home. During the dog walking dog, the stool of dogs must be treated in time with garbage bags and disposable gloves. Do not affect the beauty of the city, but also to prevent roads from stepping on.
    2, exercise. We do n’t go out to exercise more easily, and the same is true of dogs. Going out every day to walk dogs can play a role in exercise, speed up the blood circulation of dogs, enhance metabolism, and enhance the dog's resistance and immunity. The problem of obesity is not enough.
    3, release energy to avoid demolition. Everyone must know that the dog's ability to demolish the family must be good. It is good for the slippers at home. At this time, going out and walking dogs is a good way to relieve. Dogs are active. Running and playing happily when you go out can release a lot of energy. When you get home, you have been exhausted.

  2. Many people raise dogs just to walk with dogs every day, which is a beautiful enjoyment for them. But not necessarily, if the dog is uncomfortable someday, or if people are uncomfortable, or the weather is not good, it wo n’t be able to walk. Dogs have much shorter life than people, so dogs and people cherish every day of getting along.

  3. What small details need to pay attention to dogs
    1, vaccine
    The first thing that everyone should know is to check whether they have been vaccinated. If there is no vaccine, the first thing is that the first thing is Take a dog to get a vaccine. This is not only to prevent biting people, but also to protect dogs
    2, often washing brushes
    dogs are different from humans, often bathing dogs is not just for cleanliness, refreshing, dogs are easy to get on the dogs. Long bugs, there is that kind of lice. It is essential for often washing brushes, but puppies just born should pay attention to some
    3. Cultivation of urination
    The people who have no dogs should have such troubles. , But the puppy has too much urination, and slowly you will find that your home is full of urination everywhere, or the habit of cultivating urination earlier
    4, keep the surrounding environment clean
    Some people may not know that they only know that keeping the dog clean, but the environment next to the dog's residence must also maintain a good and neat environment, otherwise many mosquitoes, flies, small bugs
    5, pay attention to pay attention Keeping warm
    Mana -friendly who had raised puppies before, and Xiaobian found that dogs are much colder than humans. Even if you bathe with warm water, it will make the dog frozen, so give the dog Dog keeping warm is also very important

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