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  1. In the eyes of many pet owners, the dog walking dog is mainly to ensure that the dog has the opportunity to urinate outdoors every day, so as to keep the interior cleanliness. But in fact, the meaning of walking dogs is far more than that. Fundamentally, walking dogs, especially puppies, go out regularly every day, is a very good social opportunity. Only when you contact the outside world every day, the development of the dog's personality will be balanced. Specifically, the main significance of walking dogs is:
    1. Ensure the amount of exercise and maintain good health.
    Life lies in exercise, and this proverb is still established on the dog. Throughout the life of a dog, from puppies to adult dogs, its demand for exercise has been increased. Only when they are old, the demand for exercise will decline with the decline in the functions of the body, but if the previous exercise volume remains maintained Good, we can also delay the time of the dog's physical function decline.
    This dog walking is the basic content of daily movements. Most dogs can exercise limbs through walking, running, smelling, etc., venting energy and reducing mental stress. For some dogs who are good at exercise, it is only not enough for them to need some games with large amounts of exercise to meet the needs of the body. Without exercise for a long time, the dog's body will have various problems, such as muscle atrophy, body deformation, obesity, etc.
    . Expand the communication circle and increase insights.
    During the dog walking dog, dogs will contact different people, different dogs, different things, different environments, different voices. If the owner can consciously monitor these experiences, ensure that the puppy experience is all It is pleasant, then the performance of this puppy will become better and better after going out, and there will be no headaches that will not scream or love to fight with dogs when encountering strangers. This is the meaning of walking dogs in sound socialization.
    In imagination, if you told someone that he must stay at home for 8 hours, and then you will take him out for 10 minutes in the morning and evening. Do you think this person can bear it? The outdoor activity time itself will feel great pressure. This pressure may cause them to have different behavioral problems indoors, and even cause physiological lesions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and so on. Therefore, whether your dog is large or small, you should ensure that they have time to go out every day.

  2. The personality of the dog at home for a long time will become more afraid of seeing strangers, or keep roaring when you see a stranger. Regular disinfection, usually use some disinfectant disinfection solution and the like

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