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  1. Benefit 1: Release the energy of the dog
    E each dog requires a certain amount of exercise, especially some medium and large dogs, the energy in the body is stronger, then you can release the dog every day to release it. The energy in the body will also make the dog healthier.

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    Bereating two: broaden the dating circle
    will also encounter a group of like -minded shit officers. They may come from different industries, communicate and communicate at the same time It also opened a new door for your circle of friends. In addition, the dogs themselves can encounter different dogs, and they can also associate them with different dogs, and also increase the dog's social circle.

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    Best benefits: Avoid the dog overweight
    Ranthered to take a fixed time every day to ensure that you and your pets reach the minimum exercise needed for your body Quantity to prevent weight gain. Unless your dog takes a pet intertener, it is difficult for you to know if he gets enough activities in the day.

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    The benefit 4: Reduce dog random bite
    This is a more interesting point of view. Why do you say this? Everyone knows that dogs need a certain amount of exercise. If the amount of exercise is strong, it will lead to a problem that is easy to happen -demolition. Let your dog consume your physical strength every day, you can also make you happy to go out and go home with joy.

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    The benefit 5: Increase the appetite of the dog
    It some pet owners will say that their dogs do not eat dog food, but some can be moved by exercise Promote the appetite of the dog. Walking dogs can promote the digestion of dogs to increase appetite, and at the same time make the bones develop better, so that dogs will not cause obesity, indigestion and other problems, but still pay attention to feeding and quantitatives, and can not give the dogs for dogs. Dog feeding foods that are difficult to digest, and should choose some natural dog foods that are nutritious and absorb, so that the dog's stomach will not cause damage.

    The benefit owner and good dog
    The exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, which is the case for humans and dogs. This can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancer. Exercise promotes digestion

  2. The shoveling officer who raises dogs knows to walk the dog every day. It is not simple because the dog's energy is strong. If you do n’t walk it, you will disassemble the house. There are many reasons. Walking dogs has many benefits for dogs. Exercise and scattered can build more friendly connections between people and dogs to prevent dogs from getting fat and avoiding loneliness of dogs. Today, the editor of Somann's pet will be carefully stunned.
    exercise is not only an important guarantee for dog health, but also a need for life. Exercise can speed up the metabolism in dogs and enhance the physiological functions of various systems, thereby strengthening the rest, beautifying the rest, increased the light and disease resistance, and alleviating various environmental stress. In addition, exercise and scattered are also a natural need for dogs, and frequent dog movement can bring great satisfaction to dogs. Friends who have raised dogs know that if you do n’t take a dog out to play, the dog will be sad, and often take the dog out to walk, and the dog will be excited.
    The exercise and discharge is still important measures to develop regular dogs to maintain the health of dog body hygiene. Therefore, in the time of exercise and scattered, it is necessary to be relatively determined.

    . Increased the life of the dog. After investigation, the average life expectancy of some small dogs that do not go out frequently is within 11 years, and large dogs under sufficient exercise generally have a lifetime of more than 12 life span more than 12 In the year, some even more than 13 years. If you like large dogs and do not like to walk dogs, then large dogs that have not been exercised are no different from small dogs who are at home all day. It will be restricted. Occasionally, when you go out, it may always depend on you, dare not go anywhere. Therefore, the meaning of often walking dogs is not only physical, but also psychologically.
    . Promoting the development of the body. If you want the dog to grow up, it is indispensable to walk dogs. I believe everyone understands this principle, so often see some people with larger dogs on the side of the roadside Some, even running with the owner's bicycle. Because of this, it can make the dog's body development limit to the limits, that is, the best growing to the best under the control of genes. At the same time, when playing out, it can adjust the system balance of the dog's body, improve the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, and promote and increase the amount of food and appetite of the dog.

    . The most common manifestations of promoting dogs' social ability and psychological development are excessive relying on the owner, which has caused a certain degree of closedness. Because they do not often contact the outside world, there is only the owner in its life, which greatly affects the dog's psychological development and social ability. Occasionally going out may cause the dog to be curious about everything, but dare not approach. I have to hide behind the owner.
    The performance:

    1. Afraid of contacting the outside world, no one other than the owner.
    2. Keep high vigilance on the outside world and hostile to other things.
    . Promoting the relationship with the dog. If you have enough time to play with the dog, it is a good way to improve the relationship with the dog. Love. It has been proved that some dogs with diseases and threats of life can heal miracles with the care of the owner and accompanying the accompany. Because dogs have no influence on human pain, they just care about every care of you and let it know the meaning of its existence.

  3. The dog walking dogs is mainly because dogs do not go out and exercise frequently. The possibility. Therefore, you should take a pet dog out every day to make necessary outdoor play to ensure the healthy growth of pet dogs.

  4. The dog walking dogs mainly allow the dog to exercise, because you can't always stay in the house. You must see the sun, so that the dogs go outside and breathe fresh air! Running, this dog's body is very good, so sometimes, dogs will be convenient to outside. That's how to save it in the house.

  5. Dogs need to walk, because the dog's activity is large, energy is strong, and if you do n’t go out and vent, it is easy to remove your home. Dogs also need to be social. Dogs that do not experience social training are more sensitive and prone to psychological problems.

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