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  1. The danger is not great, but there are also some precautions:
    The problem that needs to be noticed is: 1. Generally, the dog vaccine is injected after half a month of breast breaking, because there is a parent antibody in the milk, which will affect the effect of the vaccine. ; 2. Dogs need to adapt to a new environment for more than a week, so dogs that have just entered the new environment are not suitable for vaccination; 3. Dogs must be injected with vaccines with completely normal physiological conditions. This requires you and and. The doctor cooperates, the doctor will do a check, and you will introduce the situation with the doctor, he will give you a feasible solution; Bathing, thinking that the vaccine itself is a stress for dogs, and bathing is another stress. If the dog is not suitable, it is likely to have problems, affecting the effect and immune program of the vaccine; Worms do vaccine immunity; 6, generally dogs have no response to the vaccine, and a lot of dogs may have a bad spirit, which may also have something to do with injections. Needle; 7, there are rare dogs with allergies. It is recommended to observe for more than 15 minutes after injection and take it home. Allergies can be allergic. It is okay in 10 minutes. There are very few and there are fewer, you don't have to filter. Explain that vaccine is definitely good for dogs. You can't regret not being vaccinated until he is really infected with the disease. posture. Finally, it is recommended that the imported vaccine is recommended. It is said that the chance of allergies in French seedlings is slightly greater, and it is expected to consider it.

  2. In the process of immunization, dogs and cats have a certain chance of taking the following risks. Although they are a minority, the pet owner still needs to understand and increase knowledge in case.
    (1) A few dogs and cats may have serious systemic reactions, including acute redness of facial redness, systemic itching, vomiting, softness, and even acute allergic shock, most of which occur within 20
    minutes after injection. When waiting at the scene, I found abnormalities, please immediately notify the medical staff.
    (2) Mild systemic reactions may occur within 12 hours after injection.
    (3) Local reaction: redness, swelling, discoloration of the injection site, or found mass in the injection site. If the animals are found to have the above conditions, please avoid the injection site of animals and contact the hospital.
    (4) Very few cats may grow tumors in the injection of the vaccine (the probability is about 1/10000
    mostly rabies vaccine), and it may occur for several years after injection. If it is found in the injection site Please contact the hospital.
    (5) Due to individual differences, immune reactions may not produce antibodies after immunization.

  3. You can know if your dog has been vaccinated with a dog triple antibody test paper. If you have a vaccine, you can know according to the test paper. Dogs are not dangerous under normal circumstances, because the vaccine itself is low toxicity for animals. Many parents immediately took the dog to inject the vaccine when they arrived at a new home. This approach was wrong. The vaccine can be used to meet the three conditions to get the vaccine. If there is a history of medicine, stop the medicine for a period of time according to different drugs (please consult the doctor for specific time). When you go to the hospital, the physical examination is normal. After arriving at home, the health state was maintained for 10-15 days; it was believed that the dog did not go out without contacting other dogs. In fact, this idea was wrong. Because with the increase in the number of pets and the increase in density, the owner may bring home the virus home to return, which threatens the health of the dog. Extended information: The precautions for dogs to get vaccine are as follows: Although some parents know the importance of preventing needles, they think that as long as a needle can make the dog never get sick, this is actually wrong. The vaccine also has its own timeliness and will expire. The puppy who takes the first time to prevent the needle must be hit for three consecutive stitches, and it can be used once every half a month before it can be prevented once in half a year, so as to play a role. I think how long the dog has been on the age of antibody does not need to be vaccinated, but it is actually wrong. In fact, the old dogs who have not been vaccinated as usual, mostly because of low resistance, it is easy to get sick, and it is even more difficult to treat. So the older dogs also need to vaccinate as usual. Reference information source: Reference materials source:

  4. Hello, dogs will not be dangerous, because the current vaccines are not dangerous after experiments, but they will help the dog to resist various diseases. I hope my answer can help you.

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