4 thoughts on “What are the side effects of the dogs when the dogs have a rabies vaccine?”

  1. The dogs will have a loss of appetite, drowsiness, and mental weakness after a rabies vaccine, but it will return to normal after a day or two.
    The sensitive dogs may have vomiting after the vaccine, and the phenomenon of eyes flushed and convulsions seriously occurs. Take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in time. Like children, the number of injections changes with age, and the injection method is divided into two types, once and three times a year.
    three times a year for four to six months of injection for the first time, once again a year, and from the third time you can injected once a year. This is a time interval for vaccine injection recommended by AAHA. And some areas are required to be injected once a year.
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    This injection vaccine is introduced as follows:

    All vaccines are weak viruses, and only dogs have enough resistance to be immune to normally. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that dog age, we must also do the necessary physical examination. Dogs need to go to a regular hospital for vaccine. Before injection, the dog must conduct a corresponding health check. After the vaccine is injected, the dog's immune capacity will be reduced.
    If the detection of the antibody in the dog's body is sufficient, then you do not need to injected the dog with a vaccine. American studies have shown that 92 ~ 98%of dogs will get a lifetime immune effect after receiving a full set of vaccines in their childhood.
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  2. There will be response, not very willing to move, low fever, do not take a bath with the dog within a few days, and don’t bring it out to play, it will be fine in a few days

  3. There are basically no side effects. Unless some dog physical problems are allergic to drugs, it has nothing to do with IQ. Drug allergies generally reflect vomiting and fever.

  4. No, some dogs may have mild discomfort after injection, because the vaccine itself is a virus that has been processed by people and weakened in infringement. Individual dogs may have poor appetite and lack of energy after the vaccine. Symptoms such as drowsiness, but as the dog slowly adapts, it is okay after 1-2 days, and the dog's body will slowly return to normal. You can mix some gastrointestinal treasures in the water that dogs drink, which can improve the dog's resistance and stress capacity and quickly recover.

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