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  1. The color of the dog's nose is mainly determined by genetic factors, which is the same as human skin and hair. Different dog breeds, dogs' noses will be different. Some dog nose is black, some are pink, some are liver, and even colorful. For example There are more sidelines in the border mule. Therefore, the color of the nose is naturally diverse. If your dog has pink or liver, or color, don't worry about anything, it is normal. Mainly let us shove off the officials of "color change". Below is the animal knowledge I collected and organized for everyone. Let's take a look!
    It several situations of the dog's nose change color
    1. With Changes in age:
    The nose is very dark when my family was a kid. Why did the nose start to turn red when I grew up? Or my family's nose has always been dark, but now I get old, my nose starts to fade and fades.
    . Weather changes:
    The nose in my family becomes red when the nose is in winter, is it frozen? Or when the temperature decreases, the nose will be red from black. Some even expose the sun in winter, oh? The red nose starts to turn black. Why is this?
    3. Occasionally random changes:
    Red, sometimes black, or starting to turn red after changing the plastic dog basin. Why is this?
    . Causes
    It some diseases can cause the dog's nose to discolor, such as vitiligo, and some skin diseases, but in this case Some symptoms.
    The truth is here, why does the nose change color?
    In the few situations mentioned above, the first two due to changes in ages and temperatures are normal discoloration. Why do you have this? What about the color change?
    The truth: Tyrtinase
    Tyrtinase, a metal oxidase containing copper, is a key enzyme for melanin synthesis. It can control the speed and effect of melanin synthesis Essence Everyone has heard of vitiligo that the onset of vitiligo is related to tyrosinase antibodies.
    Since I know tyrosine, what does it have to do with the discoloration of the nose?
    Then the problem comes, why is my Wang's nose pink in winter and dark in summer? Because tyrosine enzyme enzymes? It is sensitive to temperature, it is afraid of cold! The temperature is reduced, its activity is reduced, and then lazily moved, so the generation of melanin was affected. So it turned pink. Then as soon as the summer arrived, as soon as the weather was hot, it began to be active. If there were more melanin, the nose was dark.
    So why do you get red?
    This is because of the increase of age, some dogsinases in dogs will become less. Correspondingly, this will affect the production of melanin, and the nose will change color. It suddenly realizes it! This is normal under the influence of tyrosinase. The discoloration of this situation is normal, more than age, temperature, and dietary factors.
    Per other non -normal reasons
    . Another case that causes the nose to discolor is skin allergies, commonly plastic. If your family is in the black nose, but after changing a plastic dog basin, the nose starts to become red. This should be noted, it is likely that because your family is allergic to plastic, the nose is discolored. This situation is OK to change the dog basin. What enamel, what stainless steel is fine.
    This or illness
    It dogs are naughty and accidentally scratched the nose. In the process of nose healing, the color will be red or liver. It will return to black. Sometimes the dog's illness can also cause discoloration of the nose. When the dog's body recovers, the nose will become a normal color.
    If the dog has vitiligo, the color of the nose will become lighter to pink, but it is easier to determine whether it is vitiligo. Because the skin of vitiligo generally becomes lighter or white.
    This protection of red nose
    . Although it is normal to say that the pink nose or other light -colored nose is also normal, it is a bad place compared to the black nose. It is ultraviolet rays. Melanin can effectively absorb ultraviolet radiation and reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the body. Therefore, pink nose should pay special attention to sun protection in summer, especially when the sun is hot, do not go out to walk the dog. However, you can use sunscreen. The specific sunscreen is easy to use. You can ask the Mao child fucking!
    The seaweed powder black nose
    Okay, why do you return to the previous question? Feed the seaweed powder or other things that claim to be black nose, and then the nose really turns black?
    This must also find possible causes from tyrosinase. This enzyme has a characteristic. Metal elements such as copper, zinc, iron, etc. have an important promotion effect on the activity of tyrosinase. There are these metal elements in seaweed, so when you feed the seaweed, these metal elements in seaweed may promote the promotion of the activity of tyrosinase, and then promote the production of melanin, and then the nose is dark.
    But note that I used the word "possibly", because there are also related studies to extract substances that can inhibit tyrosinase from seaweed, and then realize human skin whitening effects.
    So whether this seaweed powder can be black nose can't give you a certain answer, you can only give you a possible reason. So if your dog is normal, you don't have to worry about the color of the nose.

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