What's wrong with acne on the dog?

There is acne on the back of the dog's body that should be brownish or black.

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  1. The pimples on the dog are mainly caused by skin problems. Such as parasitic infection, eczema, etc. In fact, in severe cases, most of the pimples on the dog can cause itching and skin ulcers. If you find that the dog has a lot of inexplicable pimples, the most scientific treatment method is to take a dog to the pet hospital for skin testing to determine the reason for the pimples on the dog's skin, and then scientific treatment. Remember, do not blindly drive or take medicine, injections and ointment before you judge the reasons for the dog's acne.

  2. It is like a skin disease. Go to the veterinary drug store to buy a few of the Ivekin needle, add iodopo, apply it, one to one, once a day, seven or eight days will be fine, OK.

  3. This symptom is common among dogs. However, it is necessary to give further examinations to the diseased and disease. For example, after the skin scraper and micro -state observation, the exact cause can be treated. But generally there are no such conditions in many places. Therefore, when we treat such skin diseases, we use some safe but comprehensive administration to treat them.
    has a variety of factors of skin diseases. In the case of not being diagnosed, it is best: first, give insect repellent, use insecticulum grease to drink water and medicine. , Once a week, for two weeks. Wipe with a Jiel vulva in the skin to the affected area for about 20 minutes before the medicinal bath, and then take the medicine bath. Usually, shampoo that cannot be used for bathing, can only be used for pets for pets. Because the pH of the dog's skin is just the opposite of people.

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