4 thoughts on “What's wrong with my golden retriever's golden retriever?”

  1. The reasons for redness on the golden retriever: 1. Infection of fungal infections, fungal infections are generally superficial, and in severe cases, superficial pus dermatosis can be followed. The lesions are generally oval and red. Itching of the dog's performance; 2. Parasiticity, due to the parasitic bite, causes skin infection, such as flea bites, which shows skin rashes and is granular. , Bacterial, generally can see the ulcerated skin, and the surroundings are red and swollen, and the dogs can perform local pain.
    Golden retriever is a kind of sensitive dog with skin. In general, it will love some red pimples on both sides of the hind legs and under the belly, and it is more common in summer.
    It is not very clear about what you said, I can only say a few points for you.
    It if your dog's puppet is made up, and it is hot when you feel it, then you can be sure that there is inflammation. Pay attention to whether the dog's back is often exposed to water or wet wet. Local, if so, may be eczema.
    The golden retriever in my family also has symptoms of eczema, but I do n’t grow up on my back, but I have seen other golden retriever growing on the back or side. I will tell you a method based on the lessons and lessons. Don't rush to see where you look at what they say. Don't be afraid of spending money, the dog's skin is different from people, so people's medicine is not used, and it is necessary to shave the hair in that place! Intersection If it is just ordinary eczema (or mites) and in the early stage, basically it will not cost much. Share us in Xi'an will be 20 (including wound treatment) to buy medicines. It is difficult to say ~~ Basically, it is necessary Just disinfect it ~~ There are more than 40 medicines used by our dogs! Intersection

  2. There are red bumps on the dogs, which are usually caused by the following reasons: First, it may be that the dog is bitten by mosquito bites when the dog is going out and causes itching and redness of the skin, such as tapeworms, mosquitoes, fleas, etc. Second, it may be caused by local tissue infection caused by skin diseases, such as superficial pus dermatotia and skin fungal infections.

  3. The fungal infection is infected. It is used by my dog's dog and Pippi. The effect is very good. My dog ​​has five or six fungus infections in my dog. It was washed in more than a month. If you want to know more, you can Baidu

  4. If it is densely appearing dogs growing mites, the possibility of crusting does not mean that when the dog grows on the dog, there will be a crusting phenomenon to buy a bottle of dogs and insects. It is more suitable for your dog's symptoms now should spray the dog once a day and it should be good soon.

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