4 thoughts on “There are many grains of red acne on the dog's body and what to do.”

  1. This situation is mostly in parasitic infection or mite infection, and it must be treated in time.
    The dogs have been infected with mites, which can be contagious, but also not only infected between dogs. If a dog is infected with severe mites, it will also induce severe skin diseases. Determine that pet dogs infect mites must be treated in time, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.
    How to treat: Dogs have mites on the dog, first of all, the environment must be completely sterilized and disinfected, and then used with pets dedicated to pets for treatment. You can try to use pets. This is a spray. For treatment The effects of various insects and lice mites on the dogs are particularly good. In addition, it can also play a role in prevention. Using it once a month can be prevented. It can be used for three to five days to kill mites. In conjunction with the external use of Ming Ruining to repair skin infection.

  2. Not only did my dog ​​grow up, it also scratched and began to think it was allergic. After stopping the dog food for a day, I found that the mites had grown. I hurriedly took out the Nipber Chinese Medicine Baths that had not been used before. Give it medicine and feed it again. It will be fine for a week. The iodine used for rubbing the medicine is vitamin and consolidated.

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