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  1. In the props of the warehouse, find the pets you want, and order the equipment to change the pet, provided that you have to have the pet.
    Coufeer players can go to the warehouse to find pets, warehouse-prop-all, one page and one page to find it, and the update causes the pet to be hidden. Players can find it as long as the pets in the warehouse are opened. There are many types of pets that are against the war, and they are also one of the very important systems of the counter -war.
    The pet settings of counter -war should be originally originated from the Longling era in Kyushu. At that time, I believe that players remember the CG animation after defeating the blackened 餮. It can be said that there are a lot of things (including those who have not been released) in the Kyushu Longling era (including the out of the Kyushu version of the offline activities and the background of the large hunting field, the new plot line mentioned by the Kyushu version of the offline event. Essence
    Pucting data
    The role of anti -war pet:
    The first design is to run the map. In the era when the Nebula Warriors appeared, players can already say that they have a strong enough life -saving skill. The three -minute short CD plucking dragon ring of the character has greatly improved the player's survivability. In this case Improvement.
    Paping pets hell flame dog. Hell flame dogs are pet props positioned by the public. For many players, the high -tolerance rate brought by the 家 is optional for them (the hunting field technology is not very strong, and it is often killed many times in one game), and the running map has no choice but to drive the Nebula. In many cases, you can only be picked up by the monster. At this time, a paid pet may come in handy.
    This pets, players can be resurrected immediately after the blood volume is emptied, the skill effect is only effective, it can be triggered every 180 seconds, and the CD can be reduced by related items.
    In the angel, the player enters the endangered state when the player must be killed. The completion of the endangered and recovered in the compatibility within 30 seconds, the player's position will not be refreshed, the technical statistics will not be counted as death; thirty seconds will be Players are invincible during the endangered process, but they will not be immune to the blowing of red crickets (the setting of blowing is to fly out of the map and fall the void, it is absolutely spike). The player successfully escaped the endangered state, and the angel would enter the 180 seconds CD.

  2. n00:00 / 01: 5070% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds ←: Press a single fast retreat for 5 seconds, hold down and hold it down. Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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