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  1. 1. Intelway
    The letters in the Inteve Vaccine Dog in the Tags of the Intelvisal Vaccine Dog: D -Dog Plague Virus; H -Hepatitis Virus (including Type 2); P -fine virus; Virus; R -rabies; L -hook spiral, hemorrhagic jaundice hook end spiral body. Prevention of canine plague, small virus disease, dog contagious hepatitis, auxiliary flu, and dog II adenovirus. It is the only Inteve vaccine in China that holds the approval number of the Ministry of Agriculture. The bottle cap should be affixed with Chinese veterinary drug quality supervision and anti -counterfeiting signs.
    2, South Korea Central Dog Si United vaccine
    This Central Dog Six Selata vaccine is a vaccine for rabies prevention. Prevention of canine plague, small virus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, auxiliary influenza, canine jaundice hook end spiral disease and canine cold hook -end spiral disease.
    3, Rubeian rabies vaccine
    Rybeian is suitable for immunity for dogs over March or above. It uses two -shot immunity to the first dog for the first year. It can produce protective antibodies in 7 days. It can reach the peak of the antibody within 21-28 days, and it can provide fast-lasting protection for dogs. Clinical trials show that Rybeian vaccine is safe and effective.
    4, French Meria vaccine
    Meri group as the leader of global animal and medicine health care, is committed to continuous innovation, research and development and production of high -quality, high -efficiency and high -quality professional animal medicine products. Efforts to provide the excellent technical resources, education promotion and professional services of veterinary, animal husbandry industry and pet owners to maintain animal health benefits and give back to the society.
    5, Pfizer's Rebik vaccine
    Pfizer's products cover many extensive and potential treatment and health areas including chemicals, biological agents, vaccines, health drugs, etc. The production capacity is leading the world.
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  2. Dogs of rabies vaccine: 1. The Rybean rabies vaccine in Yian; 2. Pfizer's Ribik vaccine; 3, Intelwei's rabies seedlings; 4, Miria rabies; The vaccine has its own characteristics. I personally recommend that you use the Rybean vaccine. This is relatively good, and the vaccine has a pre -charged packaging with painless needle. The vaccine does not contain formaldehyde injection without stimulation!

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