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  1. Why is a dog color blindness?

    Sometimes scientists are really like a magician. They can not only create various fresh things, but also tell us many unexpected things, such as dogs are color blindness. Determine whether people are blind, just let people recognize a few simple numbers or images from a flower -green piece. So how do scientists know that dogs are color blindness?

    Of course, if the dog is color blindness, this statement is somewhat uncertain. However, if "color blindness" here refers to compared with humans. Dogs can only see part of the visible light spectrum, then, yes, dogs are color blindness. Scientists can use two methods to determine this. But
    is, let's first let us see what we look like in the eyes of dogs.

    The visual hosted cells of dogs have two types of cone cells. They can identify short wavelengths and mid -length wavelengths of light waves, that is, they can feel the blue light (light waves with short wavelengths) and red and yellow light (medium long length (medium length (medium length) Wave length wave). Because of the few cone cells, the color of the world in the dog's eyes is very monotonous, not as colorful as the world in the eyes of humans. However, human beings have three types of cone cells that allow us to see all colors in visible spectra. Because the dog has only two cone cells, the color that the dog can tell is the same as the red -green blind patients can be distinguished. However, patients with color blindness can also see many other kinds of non -
    The same color, so can dogs also see these colors? Scientists have adopted two methods to determine this.

    The method is to illuminate the dog's eyes with colored light beams, so that a image reflected from the dog's eyes will be obtained. Scientists study this reflected image. Compared with the image reflected in the eyes of the same person.

    The other method is to train dogs to "tell" the world they see. In the experiment, the scientists continuously showed the dogs in the dogs, each with three colors each, two of them were the same. In addition, give a small amount of training
    , the dog will use the nose to point to the scientists that the unique colors of each group will be used. Scientists only need to constantly change the color of light and repeat this process, and they can draw such a conclusion: the world is black in the eyes of dogs. White and dark gray, at the same time, are mixed with red and yellow light and blue light with medium -length light waves. The world is like the picture in black and white TVs. Only the brightness of the black mortar is different, and the color changes cannot be distinguished. The reason why guide dogs can distinguish the red and green signal lights are different from the lightness of the two lights. The dog's distinguishing power of the gray light is very subtle. Relying on this ability, it can distinguish the light and dark changes on the object and produce a three -dimensional visual image.

  2. It's not, haha. Essence Essence
    I can't answer very regularly, but I can tell you about it.

    The visual nerves of various animals are different. Dogs don't like color is strong light

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