1 thought on “Who knows what issues should be paid attention to in the humid season to raise dogs”

  1. Dogs are susceptible to skin diseases
    In humid seasons, dogs are most likely to have skin diseases. Everyone knows that humidity can breed bacteria. Although the dogs do not sweat, because the humidity in the air is too large, the wet places on the dog are not easy to dry, such as: walk home and wash your feet, lie on the wet ground at home, have no exactly after taking a shower after bathing. Blowing dry and so on, it will make the dog's skin problems. In addition, don't think that your dog is short -haired, and it is not easy to get skin diseases. It turns out that many short -haired dogs will get skin diseases in the summer and humid season, because their skin is tightly attached to the ground on the ground It is easier to contact bacteria. So whether it is a long -haired dog or a short -haired dog, try to dry its body as much as possible in this season, such as drying the feet or after taking a bath, dry it with a water absorption towel, dry the toilet floor at home The dog lay on a humid ground.
    This dogs are easy to catch a cold
    It in the humid season, because the temperature is often high, we may not wear a raincoat for the dogs during the rain, and the dog also likes to drizzle the rain and cool. If you bring the dog just after the rain and the air conditioner is driving again, it will easily cause the dog's cold. Sometimes the first day is fine, and the next day, you have to review it. You have to review whether the dog may have a cold. Don't think that the dog will not catch a cold on the hot day.
    It dogs are prone to gastrointestinal diseases
    It in the summer and humid season dogs can easily get gastrointestinal diseases. Because of the heat, dogs also like to eat cold things. It is easy to cause the dog's vomiting and dilute. The second is because the humidity of the rainy season, it is easy to deteriorate the dog's food. Dog food and meat moldy is also common. Sometimes we can't see it because of small mold. Dogs are the concept of diet hygiene at all. So my reminder is to give the dog too many popsicles or other cool things. In addition, before the dogs are brought to the dog to the front, check it out. Just put the refrigerator, do not buy too much snacks at a time, and choose carefully when you buy it.
    In general, dogs are more likely to get sick in the summer and humid season. Everyone must be more interested when raising dogs.

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