The Alaska dog was very bad for breeding when he was a kid. What breeding taboos did Alaska when he was a kid?

4 thoughts on “The Alaska dog was very bad for breeding when he was a kid. What breeding taboos did Alaska when he was a kid?”

  1. The little Alaska dog is very difficult to raise, so spend a lot of time and energy to pay attention to him, especially in the aspect of eating. Because the small Alaska dog is too small, gastrointestinal development, so you can't eat too greasy and indigestion. So pay attention to the food or meals that Alaska dogs eat. All dogs will lack calcium before minors, so pay attention to eating three slices of calcium tablets every day to ensure that the dog's bone development is good, and it will grow fast. He will be easy to get thirsty, so take him out of the door, so he will bring two more bottles when you go out. Otherwise, you may have to spend money to buy him mineral water. If the situation allows, it is best to add two kinds of nutrients to dog food to feed dogs. Calcium stomach and development treasure are more common, and they are very suitable for puppies.

    do you know, in fact, the self -cleaning ability of Alaska's hair is still very strong compared to other dogs, so the owners can not take a lot of thoughts in bathing. , Usually take a bath once every four weeks.
    Is when puppies are changing hair, they must prepare a comb for dogs. Comb on a few more times a day. The houses are all hair.
    It also pay special attention to shampoo. Shampoo cannot be used in us, because some of the shampoo we use will make the dogs easily lose hair. Therefore, you need to buy a shampoo dedicated to dogs. Alaska's nutrition must be sufficient 5 months ago, otherwise it will affect the color of his bones and hair the day after tomorrow. In order to make him healthy, at the same time, it is best to take it for a walk every day because he needs a certain amount of exercise. The surrounding environment should not be too humid, because their hair is very dense, and it is difficult to discharge with heavy moisture, which is prone to eczema.
    The owner who likes to buy the dogs. We recommend that you should not wear the dog when you go out, which will affect the smooth smoothness of the dog's hair. If you are really not assured, it is recommended not to be too wide, because it will have the hair of the dog.

  2. When feeding Alaska, do not give the dog too much food at one time, do not eat foods with too high salt content, give dogs to eat people, you can eat water, chicken breasts, carrots, and eat less. Meal more.

  3. The environment should not be too humid, Alaska's hair is thick, moisture is not easy to spread, and it is easy to suffer from eczema. It is best not to be too wide for dogs, and it is best not to wear it when not going out, which will affect the dog hair straight.

  4. Don't eat too much for him, don't always be hungry. Don't let him have irregular diet, and buy dog ​​food for puppy to eat, don’t buy dog ​​food for dogs. water.

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