3 thoughts on “In addition to the dedicated dog incense waves, what can you use to take a bath for the dog”

  1. The dog's skin is partially neutral. As long as it is part of the neutral bath, it can be used. Of course, except for bath liquid with special effects.
    but most people's shower gel is alkaline, especially soaplona. Shampoo is acidic and is not suitable for dogs. The facial cleanser is not good, as alkaline like shower gel. It is more irritating to the skin of the dog.
    The washing supplies used are usually neutral and usually special products. You need to purchase or order in a store. Sometimes it is more difficult to buy than dog baths. The price is not cheap, so it is better. Buy dogs for cheap goods.
    In summer, you don't have to use bath liquid and shampoo every time you bathe. Usually, you can wash it with water and use it every 1-2 weeks.
    Pucting information:
    1. Before the pet dog takes bath, whether it is a long hair dog or a short -haired dog, you should first comb the hair, so that the hair will not be cooked after bathing.
    2. The temperature of the water for the dog should not be too high or too low. Before taking a bath, let the dog's paw test the water temperature, if it can be accepted.
    3. After all preparations are ready, first use water to wet the dog's whole body, be careful not to make the dog's eyes, ears, and mouth. After wet body, go to an appropriate amount of pet fragrance.
    4. After playing the fragrance, gently rub the dog's body with both hands. Note that the dog's neck, hips, limbs and other parts must be completely rubbed. Being a sensitive part of the belly must be rubbed gently, do not hurt the dog.
    5, after rubbing, completely clean the pet dog's body with water, just leave the foam of participation.
    In the dog should wipe the droplets on the body with a dry towel after taking a shower, and then use a hair dryer to completely dry the dog's wet hair to prevent the pet dog from getting sick.

  2. The dog's skin is neutral. Generally, as long as it is a neutral bath, it can be used for it. Of course, except for the special effects of the bath.

    but the bath gel of ordinary people is alkaline, especially the soap -based type. Shampoo is acidic and is not suitable for dogs. The same is alkaline, which is more irritating to the dog's skin!

    Minicated toiletries, the neutral is generally special supplies, and you need to buy or order in a special store. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to buy than the dog's bath liquid, so the price is not the price.算便宜,所以,还不如买狗用的划算,我家二哈和柯基用的是莎· 金`` 氏的燕麦香波,你可以参考!

    For example, in the summer, you do n’t have to use bath liquid and fragrance every time you take a bath. You can usually wash it only with water. You can use it every time to 2 weeks!

  3. Dry powder or dry washing fragrance and spray.
    Iwash powder I have used it for the dog before, it feels unsafe, it is easy to suck into the respiratory tract. When the dog is dumped, the dust is flying, and it is easy to be eaten by the dog, but the advantage is a cheap large bowl; dry cleaning I used the American LOVET I used. Before my golden hair, my baby's baby did not want to launch the water to wash it. Spray it for five minutes and then dry it with a towel. The advantage is very convenient; the cleaning ability of the spray is relatively weak. Basically, they are used to inhibit bacteria or use it to clean the wounds.

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