How are pet dogs good?

Now that dogs have made a part of our family, but after all, their bodies sometimes have problems. We hope they will accompany us longer. So what should we do?

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  1. The growth and health of pet dogs depends to a large extent on the method of feeding and management of the owner, scientific feeding is particularly important:
    . vaccination on time allows the dog to have better immune immunity Power and resistance. Then give the dogs to repel deworming inside and outside the body to prevent the dog from being plagued by parasites.
    . When buying dog food, you should choose pure and high quality. You can add some nutrient elements to dog food, such as vitamins, calcium and protein, or add other trace elements. Nutrition cream to feed. The owner has a lot of free time. You can help dogs at home to make some foods, use some grains of grains, cooperate with some vegetables, and add some meat to be nutritious.
    . Take the puppy out to exercise and walk, so that the motion can make the puppy more healthy.
    . Quantitative feeding is the relatively fixed amount of feeding each meal, which can avoid the phenomenon of the dog's hunger and absence. Hunger and not rest quietly.
    5. Give the dog enough water, water is important to dogs. Keep enough water for the dog at any time and replace it regularly to ensure cleanliness. The breeding dogs should have a fixed basin and water basin, and should also be placed in a fixed place. Dogs' special food basins should be kept clean and disinfected regularly to prevent the food from unclean and cause disease. In addition, dogs have fixed utensils and feeding places, which can make dogs develop good eating habits.
    It manages the diet of dogs and observe the physical condition of dogs, so that the dog can make the dog healthier.

  2. If the dog's health is healthy and strong, it is naturally inseparable from the usual raising.
    During the dog for more than two months, you can take the dog to arrange vaccination to allow the dog to have better immunity and resistance. Then give the dogs to repel deworming inside and outside the body to prevent the dog from being plagued by parasites.
    The also prepare enough clean drinks every day so that the dog can drink at any time. It is also necessary to meet the nutritional needs of dogs, prepare the right nutritional Champions League dog food, cultivate dogs to develop good eating habits, and eat happily is a good manner of the dog's appetite, but it is necessary to train it to eat slowly.
    The feeding should be performed at a fixed time as much as possible, and the location should be fixed. The amount of feeding of dog food needs to be adjusted in time to avoid the dogs endless or full. Diet is good for gastrointestinal health.

    This with dogs to exercise every day to meet the dog's exercise needs. Take a bath regularly, brush your dogs every week, and so on.

  3. Precautions for feeding food:
    mu puppy -1, do not feed foods that are not easy to digest except for puppies. This will cause a burden on the dog's stomach
    A adult dogs -dog food or food at home, avoid too salty, less salt. Try to balance the rice meat rice.
    About vaccines:
    ocated vaccine to get to the local quarantine station or buy the vaccine to go home for the dog. Because there are many dogs in the hospital, the environment is poor and dirty. (Pay attention to hygiene when you go to the hospital for vaccination, try to hold the dog as much as possible, and need a needle tube to avoid infected with germs)

  4. First of all, the dog's constitution itself is better, and some mothers are ill or have a weakness. Then it is time to vaccine to repeat. Do not feed the leftovers, eat natural food and dog food, you can add some health care products. Exercise every day and sun. Do not live in the dark and humid place. Basic dogs will be healthy

  5. Exercise more, the environment of the home environment is disinfected, the vaccine is fully done, the deworm removal in the body is regular, mainly dog ​​food, eating less meals, and replenishment of nutrition. Do not give dog foods for people. At the same time, do not raise dogs like people , Knowing the real needs of dogs, the biggest is food and sex, more play with dogs, more dogs go out, have a lot of knowledge, socialized behavior will be complete, less behavioral problems will be

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