5 thoughts on “What kind of dog is Buck in the American movie "Call of Wildness"?”

  1. I haven't watched this movie, but the novel has been watched five or six times. Since there is a movie, I still have to find it. Jack London is really a very strong writer. Americans don't like him, but they still admit that he can compose a story. However, the question of that person is also a bit interesting. Ask what dog is, it is actually quite in place. There are more dogs in Jack London's novels than people, and they are good and loyal than people. The dog in "The Call of the Wild" is a mixed species of Bernard dogs and shepherds. What kind of dogs should such hybrid dogs be called? Will the film director go to make such a hybrid dog according to the original work, and let people who like to watch Jack London novels really see the original face similar to the author's pen? I have never seen San Bernard dogs and shepherds. Even if I see it, I do n’t know, let alone the small hybrids they match. Baidu had a Caucasian dog, which explained: Ancient large -scale animal protection dogs native to the former Soviet Union's Central Asian ethnic minorities, such as Chechen, were not known by the Western dog industry before the end of the Cold War. The United States first introduced and established the Caucasian Dogs (C.O.C.A) in 1991. In the same year, Taiwan bought all the Caucasian army dogs who retreated to Germany to replace Tibetan mastiffs. If the dog in the movie is really a Caucasian dog, it will not have much to do with the burly, sensitive and fierce hybrid dogs in Jack London's novels. The best way is that San Bernard dogs and shepherds look for one to mate, giving birth to a nest of the cubs, Tiantian Mountain Zhenhai flavor, and the smell of them, so that they grew huge and extraordinary. Out. Of course, in the process of eating and drinking every day, you cannot lack the training of professional dog training teachers, because there are instructions in the novel that rescue people and execute various sleds of humans, bite others' necks in the bar, and be bitten by others. Many dogs fight around another fierce dog, prey on huge musk deer, friendship with wolf brothers, bite one after another in the neck of the Indians, fight with the siege wolf group. The performance of the various scenes of the return wolf group to become the leader can be available, otherwise how can the essence of Jack London's novels on the screen?

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