What should I do if my dog ​​has always lost his temper every day? I have been raised for 7 years?

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  1. Dogs getting your temper a day are psychological problems. You can soothe him and accompany him more. This situation will be relieved.

    Dogs are a very loyal and lovely animal. A few points of dogs:

    1, although the dog has been tamed for thousands of years, it still retains many wild characteristics, one of which is to obey the leader, so if the dog is expressed like a person, if it is expressed in the dog The leader is very important.

    2, 1 year dog = 17 -year -old, 2 years dog = 23 -year -old. Every January = 1 year old. Large dogs are 5 or 6 years old, and small dogs have become aging at 7 or 8 years old.

    3, dogs are color blindness, basically no taste, distinguishing the taste depends on the sense of smell.
    4, stiffness standing in front of the dog will make it hostile.
    5, the dog lifts up and grabs, "want to be friends with you."
    6, the dog turns around the human beings, it means "Order!"

    7. Essence
    8. For those who walk side by side to the owner, it will think of "this is a friend of the owner."
    9. When you feel uneasy, dogs always want to drill between people.

    10, stretching his ears, tears in his eyes indicated that he felt uneasy.
    11, lowering his head, turning his eyes up and looking up, pulling his tail and shaking to indicate that it is "reflecting."
    12, revealing the stomach, the back of the sky, "I trust you!"
    13, if there is a group of dogs, stay away from the group, watching the leading group on the side.
    14, irritability, his temper for east -west bite indicates that his desire is not satisfied.

    15, the person who is face -to -face to the master, it will think of "this is the enemy's enemy."
    Okay, you already have a cute dog. In addition to scratching the dog, seeing it spoil you coquettishly, holding it to the sun, we should also have some interesting activities. In this case, we have to train the necessary basic training for dogs. Let the dog master the most basic items: "OK", "No", "Sit down", "Waiting", "Lying down", "Come", "Follow". After that, you can get along better with the dog.
    The method of using sound symbols and visual symbols during training.
    . Use the sound symbols
    In the decision commands, select simple words. When sending orders, you must clearly. As soon as the command of the word is decided, don't change it.

    . The essentials of using the visual symbol.
    It simple and easy -to -understand actions and postures. Looking at the dog's eyes, slowly doing action, don't draw casually. After the dog can understand the separate actions, you can use several actions.
    "OK": ① The dog can go to the toilet in accordance with the command of the owner. It must be awarded it in time.
    ② stroking the dog's neck and ears, showing it to it that you are very satisfied and happy with its behavior.

    ③ Dogs will remember the joyful expression that he shows after obeying the owner's order.

    "No": ① Even puppies can't be used to indulge. You must discipline it if you do bad things.
    ② must say "no" to it before doing bad. If you say it, it will not understand what you do wrong.
    ③ When I saw the owner hiding under the table, it was hidden under the table.
    "Sit down": ① Holding the food as a reward, moved from the dog's head to the back, and the dog sat down naturally.
    ② Method ① When it works, you can pat the dog's tail for force to sit down.
    ③ When opposite the dog, use your right hand to finger down and send a "sit down" command.

    ④ The seated position of the rules is more difficult for the dog. You can use the "rest" command to let it sit down casually.
    "Waiting": ① "Waiting" stands and wait and sit.
    ② standing in front of the dog and making a "waiting" command to the dog with your palm.

    ③ Keep your posture and take one or two steps. Pull away from the dog.
    ④ If the dog does not move, you should return to place to express it. If it follows. Do Again!
    "lying down": ① While issuing a "lying down" command, put your hand down from the dog's eyes.
    ② Holding the reward, guided by the tip of the dog's nose approaching the ground. If you lead forward, you can make it "down".

    ③ Methods ② When it is ineffective, you can use a single leg to make a "door hole", and use rewards to seduce on one side of the door hole.
    ④ The action of "lying down" is done.
    "Come here": ① Raise up the right arm to beckon and send out the password for "over".

    ② Leave 1 or 2 steps to send a "waiting" command to let the dog wait, then issue a "over" command, and make a gesture of the dog coming.
    ③ Learn this, you can switch to a longer rope, and then open some commands to "come" to the dog. If the dog obeys, praise.
    "Follow": ① Receive the short rope and hold it in the right hand to let the dog on the left side of the owner.
    ② If the dog is in front of the owner, the owner should tighten the following ropes and say "follow" "follow" "follow"
    ③ if it is used, it can Gently pat your left leg to order the dog to "follow"
    ④ training "follow" the dog will consciously follow the left side of the owner.
    L owner (and his family) must play the role of the leader. The family is raised together.
    L uses a common command.
    L performance, criticism should be distinguished
    L, do not be emotional and blame the dog
    L, do not mandate training. N dog's eyes.
    L training as a reward for food, please use a small amount to allow the dog to obey the command without rewards.
    L's dogs can be trained. As long as you have patience.
    L dog's attention will not last long, so training should be gradual.
    This talk about daily care.

    WOn do not feed the dog too much snacks. There are some things that cannot be given to the dog.
    ① Onion, green onions are toxic for dogs. Therefore, foods such as burgers, sauce soup, curry, etc. are added with onions or green onions.
    ② The surface contains too much salt. Although the taste of the person, it is excessive salt for the dog.

    ③ ice cream, cake. These foods may cause obesity or diarrhea.
    ④ fish bone, meat bone. Because the dog may not be chewed, you can swallow it into the stomach, causing vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. Fish bone and eggshell may be stuck in the throat.
    ⑤ spicy, strong irritating, qi

    This is not good for dogs.
    ⑥ Although the nutritional value of milk is high, the dog is not easy to digest and absorb, which may cause diarrhea. Please be careful.
    annual cake, seaweed may block the throat or stick to the throat and cause suffocation.

    Daily care method
    ① Take about twice a month.
    ② Develop the habit of brushing every day.
    ③ grind the dog 1 or 2 times a month. But don't grind too short, avoid hurting blood vessels.

    Onbeling dog bite glue
    In ingredients: Fresh steamed buns
    ingredients: broth, braised pork broth better
    1. Cut the steamed buns according to the size of the dog's mouth into an appropriate amount or strip shape, go

    skin! (Medium -sized dogs can peel the whole steamed buns, small dogs can cut slices, large dogs can steam a large model of steamed buns by themselves)
    2, dilute the broth with a small amount of water. It is subject to the seductive fragrance of the broth.

    3. One side of the steamed bun block is impregnated with broth and retains the other side of the soup. (This is to prevent the broth from being too salty to the dog)
    4, put the steamed buns that have been soaked in the broth in the microwave oven, the high wave of fire for 3 minutes, take it out, put it in a cool and ventilated place Cool.
    5. Put the cold steamed buns into the microwave oven again for 3 minutes, then take it out, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place.
    6, so repeatedly over again, with steamed buns hard and not broken.
    The advantages of homemade dog bite glue here:

    1, simple materials,
    2, the charm of the soup, no dog can block;
    3, steamed buns, steamed buns It is easy to digest, not afraid of affecting the stomach, and not afraid of eating;
    4, because of the microwave processing, the steamed buns that are directly dried, do not like to lose the residue, and it is not easy to bite, so I do n’t eat much; r;
    5. Without much toughness, puppies do not harm tooth beds.

  2. Some people always complain that they have raised dogs with irritable temper, love barking, love roar, and even roar at the air. I am very aggressive about other dogs and people. I am really afraid that the dog is unhappy and goes up. In fact, when the dog shows signs of the soaring soaring, don't panic, don't escape, understand the reason why the dog is soaring.

    This fear and tension

    The sudden sound of the sound of suddenly made, such as firecrackers and thunderous sounds, which will scare dogs at a loss, inspiring their aggressiveness, appearing Roar, escape, and even bite people. Sometimes they are scared by sudden big dogs.

    The fireworks and firecrackers we put in the reunion are actually a great challenge for them. I believe that everyone has experienced such an experience. The sound of firecrackers on New Year's Eve can activate the dogs in the village instantly. For a while, the dog screamed and the ritual sound, not to mention how lively.

    This is easier to deal with. First of all, the owner keeps calm, and then soothe the dog's emotions, let it slowly calm down.


    everyone knows that the ancestors of the dog are wolf, and the wolf is a very high -level animal. Although the dog is not as strict as the wolf, it is There will still be level differences.

    If more than one dog at home or other pets, the dog will have aggressive behavior in order to consolidate his leadership position.

    It this dog has obviously given up treatment.

    Sometimes dogs think that people are also a member of their ethnic groups. They grinned their teeth and showed aggressiveness. At this time, the owner needed a stronger to let the dog understand that you are its owner.

    The behavior of the territory

    This saying that there is a proverb in Person: The dog is a lion on his own site. Dogs will take all means to protect their territory, which is also the basis for dogs to look at.

    The dogs will think that home is their territory, so there is a preparation for everyone who enters the house.

    The behavior such as dogs requires a lot of corrections. The conversation between the owner and the guests should try to keep a calm attitude as much as possible. Try to maintain stability as much as possible in terms of tone. Do not excessive excitement and enthusiasm. These will reduce the alertness of the dog.

    The damage transfer

    The cat -kicking effect is that people will sprinkle fire on irrelevant people, and dogs will have such behavior.

    The was originally another dog or something else made the dog anger, but because of the disparity between the strength, the dog could not directly compete with the other party, and it would transfer this damage to it to it. Weak things go up. This is also the reason why the owner can't figure it out.

    This This behavior summarizes a sentence.

    P estimnce

    If the dog during the estrus, because of the hormone in the body, there will also be an attack. When the dog is looking at the puppy, it is also easy to become irritable and nervous.

    The dogs are repeated estrus, which can also lead to the lesion of the body. Therefore, unless you want puppy's plan or prepare for breeding, it is recommended to sterilize dogs in time.


    This dogs are irritable and irritable and love to make a lot, that is because of the good genes with their blood. Many dogs have the original intention of cultivating them to hunt or fight, not to accompany them.

    This type of dogs are born with good fighting, fierce and abnormal, and bite prey is their instinct. The probability of stubborn dogs hurting people is so high in dog injury cases because of this.

    This is their instincts. There is no way to change. If the owner does not want his dog to be too fierce, it is not recommended to raise such dogs.

    In fact, unless you have rabies, any aggressive behavior of the dog can be corrected. Don't rush to punish or abandon them, and find the reason for the right medicine.

  3. What should I do if my dog ​​has always lost his temper every day? I have been raised for 7 years? Maybe you see that this title is a bit uncomfortable why the dog says that dogs still complain about life, and dogs do not speak. Yes, although dogs can not speak, the dogs will express their emotions in various ways in various ways. They will not cry or make trouble, but they will easily express when playing with you. The dog's friends must also feel that the dogs sometimes do not have the same thing as flat, yes, that is, you must have made a place where the dog feels dissatisfied!
    Plords to bring their own dogs to sort out their hair every year, or some dogs need to remove hair, but after the dog's owner made a new shape for the dog, the dog There will always be a variety of expressions to cope with the masters' greetings. The dogs designed for the dogs like it. Fortunately, the dog bouncing for you one day, but for the more discerning dogs, it will be There are various resistances, and dogs are still smarter. They know that if the action is too big, they will be left out by the owner and have no delicious food.
    The hot puppy always crawled in a cold place, so the resistance to the respiratory disease was weak. You can go to the hospital to get a subcutaneous injection or feed the children's cough syrup by yourself, and the injection is faster. This disease is not easy.
    The once saw that a dog had to confront the owner to the owner in order to show his own dissatisfaction with his own shape. He also stood behind the door that he had not ignored the owner. Is your dog so proud?
    The creatures such as dogs can be said to be amazing. It is more attentive to care for dogs than care for dogs. When we take the dog out of the bend, we see that others are good. Dogs, when you touch it twice, you can cause the dog's dissatisfaction, and you have a small temper with you. The owner of the low emotional quotient thought that the dog may be sick and take the dog to see the doctor. There is no abnormality, just because of inexplicable jealousy, I dare not touch other dogs after the master ~

    because the dog always has a temper with himself, every time I have to have to have to have a temper, I have to have to have every time I have to have to have a temper. Spend a lot of money to coax the dog to be happy. If you have to raise a small pet at home, you must discuss with the dog in advance. Unconsciously, the dog seems to live a girlfriend -like life. How should they disk them?
    The editor teaches you a few ways to win. First, dogs are like a child. If you are unhappy, you can perform a little bit. For a while, they will not make it like this again ~ Second, if the first method is invalid, they can only get a killing weapon. Of course, it is food. Under normal circumstances, the chance of success is still successful. Most of the friends who raise dogs should use this method. The third is, of course, taking them out to play, they just forgot everything when they play. Naturally, angry is almost forgotten!
    Actually, dogs can show your temper and you usually have a dog! Haha! There is a dog like a girlfriend at home. It is pretty good to think about it!

  4. Many dog ​​friends found that their dogs became extremely irritable and had symptoms such as not eating and drowsiness. Except for the reasons for spring, dog owners should also pay attention to observation that dogs may have depression.

    1. The manifestation of dog depression
    is difficult to excite. The dog owner is teasing the dog anyway, and it is difficult for dogs to fight.
    The interest in the original favorite food, toys or activities is greatly reduced.
    autism. Do not want to communicate and contact with parents or other dogs.
    laziness. Except for necessary physiological activities, do not want to get out of your own nest or home.
    The movement is slow, and everything is always slow.
    This sleeping from morning to night, calling up will definitely angry it
    The anger. It is often irritated by small things, and it is difficult to calm down in a short time.
    The timid and tension, the stimulus response to the external environment

    is aggressive. Violence is one of the typical manifestations of depression.
    The appetite decreases significantly, the amount of feeding is reduced, and the weight is reduced.
    This water volume is significantly reduced, which is much lower than before.
    is abnormal hair removal, and when gently sorting out the hair, a large amount of hair drops.
    This summarizes to eliminate the situation of illness and physical aging. Dissatisfaction, less food, and unwillingness are typical symptoms of dogs suffering from depression, and even a lot of hair removal, self -harm and stereotypes.

    2. There are currently no clear treatment for dog depression.
    The most effective relief method is that the dog owner must spend time playing with the dog. Proper massage and touching will make the dog feel better.

    In the last editor still reminds the officials and dog owners. The little hairy children are very sensitive, and they are deeply affectionate. If you do not have enough support conditions or time to pay, you must never do it. Take them home impulse, wait for them to fall in love with you, and ruthlessly deprive them of their happiness

    The best love for dogs.

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