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  1. Puching is not allowed on the train.
    1. The staff of the railway department responds to the question of "whether pets can bring a train". Generally, they are not allowed to bring pets directly on the train, because pets will threaten other passengers and calls of pets will affect the pets' calls will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the pets will affect the impact of pets. To other passengers.
    2. If you must bring your pet to the train, you can check it by consumption, and you must go through the following procedures in advance to bring your pet on the train
    ① At least one week in advance to go to the nearby veterinarian station to get rabies and cats Sanlian, obtaining an epidemic prevention certificate (if there is an epidemic prevention certificate, you can not use this step)
    ② one or two days in advance, not too early, up to two days in advance, bring a pet and epidemic prevention certificate to the nearby veterinary station (requires the railway department To do a medical examination, obtain a health certificate, and then use a health certificate to change a u003Cu003C Pet exit quarantine certificate >>
    ③ one day in advance, bring pets, go to the railway veterinary station (animal quarantine station) to stamp.
    ④ The train of the day, 2-3 hours in advance, bring pets, and install it with special aviation boxes (can be made of self -made iron cages, but the container of the carton is not available), and the cargo consignment station at the railway station is Consignment procedures. If the previous procedures are complete, the procedures are particularly simple, that is, to show the immune certificate and outbound quarantine certificate and the ticket of the day, and then receive a list to fill in, the pounding, the fee (the fee is unknown, not done by yourself), it is said that it can not be spent
    ⑤ After the proof is completed, people cannot leave. They must always accompany their pets until they accompany the pet to enter the cargo carriage to settle the pet. Of course, people can return to the carriage they ride to sit. After the next stop, the arrival station will take the pets with the pick -up single lead. Note that do not eat food for pets within four hours before going out. It is simply let pets suffer, but you can take some custody of pets when you get in the car.

  2. The car aircraft and trains are not allowed to take cats, dogs, and trains. Unless the courier is packed in the past, it is packed for him to eat, and the courier transportation is enough.

  3. The railway regulations cannot carry pets with you. You can ask if you can check it out, but the consignment is not afraid of taking care. It is better to consider taking a plane.

  4. Dogs cannot enter the carriage. You have to go to the train station's consignment pet to inquire about relevant regulations and precautions and requirements, and go through relevant procedures and certifications in accordance with the regulations
    . Generally speaking, dogs need to provide dog epidemic prevention. Prove that if not, please go to the veterinarian station to inject rabies vaccine one week in advance to obtain the epidemic prevention certificate.
    The tickets to the dog and epidemic prevention certificate to the veterinarian station for individual examinations two days before the ticket, obtain a health certificate
    . A comfortable and safe aviation box, remember to prepare enough water and appropriate food for the dog when checked the dog. Finally, the train is running the owner to escort the dog in person. Being with dogs

  5. Hello, you need to go through the relevant procedures with a dog to take a train; when applying for a high -speed rail consignment for the dog, you need to bring a good immune certificate, animal quarantine certificate, dog certificate, and owner ID card. Prepare a consignment box and hope to adopt it.

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