Where can I sell pet dogs in Liuzhou? Intersection

In addition to Rongjun Road, where can there be pet dogs in Liuzhou? Intersection Want to buy dogs such as Samoyed, Husky, Bian Mu, where can Liuzhou sell? Intersection

5 thoughts on “Where can I sell pet dogs in Liuzhou? Intersection”

  1. Liuzhou sells dogs very few and expensive, and the seeds are not pure enough. It is recommended to buy it in Guangzhou ... There are stalls in the five -star side door every night, basically small dogs, but occasional dogs that have been raised by their own family will be sold out. If there is no experience, there is no experience. Still find a person who knows it, because generally you are not cheap for those large dog cubs, at least one thousand or more cheap ... It is likely that it is likely that it is not seen when you are a child, but when you grow up, you will not see it, but when you grow up If the appearance is not good enough, it will be ugly, and the hair color is not good ...

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