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  1. How to eliminate the smell on the dog: Use incense waves for dogs; squeeze the dog's anal glands.
    For dogs with large body size and heavy body odor, you can choose some professional pet shampoo, which can hurt the dog's skin and hair, but also remove the odor of the dog, so that the dog will keep one for a long time The flavor of the planting is strong, and the odor of the home will be reduced.
    Net squeezing the dog's anal glands. Regularly observe whether the dog's anal glands are blocked and whether they show constipation, and like to rub on the buttocks.
    If a dog lacks exercise for a long time, helping squeeze the anal glands of the dog. This method can reduce the smell that dogs emit after the anal glands blocked.

  2. There are many ways to remove dogs with too heavy dog ​​taste. Here I summarize a few for your reference:

    1, the dog taste is too heavy and half has a lot to do with the dog's diet. If the dog's gastrointestinal tract Not good, the intestinal flora imbalances, etc., the body will ferment the abnormal odor. As long as the dog's diet and gastrointestinal tract are conditioned, and the use of probiotics can be used reasonably, the gastrointestinal function can be restored to normal. This taste will not appear.

    2, often clean up earwax, eye feces, saliva hair, anus, etc. Pay attention to the health of the dog, take a regular bath to take care of the hair, so that it will reduce that taste.

    3. Clean the dogs in time in time. The dog tastes too heavy, or it may be caused by the stool of the dog.

    4. Finally, open windows and ventilation.

    Is to answer can help you. If you have any other questions, you want to consult a pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

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