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  1. What to do if you lose your pet too painful
    In the loss of your pet too painful. For many people, the beloved pet dies like a family member who is lost. Let me see what to do if it is too painful to lose your pet.
    What to do if you lose your pet too painful 1 to correct your emotions in the process of sadness.
    A anger, self -blame, loss, sadness is our normal emotions when we lose our love. If your pet is tortured before death, thinking that it will be calm now, it will be a kind of consolation.
    The communication with friends who lost the pet
    It if you do not, you can find some such organizations, and everyone will help each other. Those who have experienced can know the feeling of losing pets.

    Mre more time with the person you love.
    Wr they will take your loss and make you find happiness again. Let you slowly forget the sadness of your pet.
    time will be your best friend.
    Over time, your sadness will be reduced. You will never forget your pet, but after the time passed, you will recall the sweetness you once had.
    In the past, you can consider raising another pet.
    , although the new pet cannot replace the lost pet, it will fill your inner emptiness to a certain extent.
    It is too painful to lose the pet. 2 Pets are like humans. They will also die and die, and it will disappear over time. Of course, it does not rule out some reasons. The pet owner treats pets, just like treating human beings. If you treat your own children, if you lose your pet, it will be very painful and sad. It is very necessary to vent the pain to stop losing your family. However, it is necessary to understand that sadness takes time and occurs in different time stages. The continuous effect and time varies from person to person. Measures to deal with losses.
    Is when we lose our pets, the best way is to express your feelings about joining or friends. Many times, people's feelings are just accumulated for a long time, savings in our hearts, and savings.
    The can not vent. Think about it, a pet exists in your life, although in terms of human life, the life of pets is not enough to accompany us for a lifetime. But a stage of feelings are really difficult to forget, just like love. What you need at the moment is a strong enough comfort. At this time you can choose to talk to friends about this, or you can choose to talk about this matter with your family. Everyone goes through this matter, and the success of the solution will be very high.

    You can also choose to create pets, put it in the box, and then memorize it in your special commemorative way. For example, sprinkle into the river or put it next to you, of course, you can also choose to be buried in the pet cemetery, and then go to the pet cemetery on weekdays to find some comfort it brings to you.
    The simplest way is to choose to forget him, and then raise a pet. This method is learned from love. When our feelings are frustrated, the best way is to choose to forget, and then start again. No matter how painful things, no matter how sad things are, we can't get back to life, and we still need to move forward.
    is another possible, that is, the pets are lost, and this processing method is more diverse. It depends mainly on you. If you can, you can choose to find it, although it may take more time. But maybe the kung fu is not responsible for people? After all, when you are lucky, you can find it. If you can't find it, the last way is like the above, choose to forget it, pray that it can meet a good person and start its life again. And you have to start your life again!
    Is, old and sick, dissipated or obtained, this is one by one. In fact, people do not need to be sad for these things, because you still need to go forward!
    What to do if you lose your pet too painful. 3 See a topic: "What kind of pain is you losing your beloved small animal? How should it come out?"
    n "I always heard its voice when I was sleeping, and then called it named. When I woke up, I cried. I dare not raise pets anymore, and my efforts will be worried. What about Lengbing's body? Can't get out. "
    " I had raised a dog for a full ten years. The most painful and difficult days in my life spent it with it. So I dare not think of all the topics related to it at all. I know that after a long time, when I leave this world, it must be waiting for me somewhere. " Its photos, and the video that you ran towards you, but you didn't respond how much you shouted at home now ... "
    " just thought of it, even if it was just the same pronunciation words, it would be red. It's my eyes ... "
    since then I met every dog ​​I met like you
    " It is difficult to come out, July 2, my dog ​​suddenly died, and then for more than half a year, I was more than half a year. , I dreamed of dreamed in 1.3 times a month, I woke up and woke up. Now I still miss her. Last week, I went to the pet exhibition and saw the dogs with the same breed as her. Her birthday, if she was still there, she would be 9 years old ... "
    " still didn't come out. Seeing that the dogs who looked like him on the road would call him the name, but I know it was not him ... "
    " Later, I saw no matter how good, and even raised other pets, sometimes I thought: Hey, Xixi is still fine! "
    Just, nostalgia is longer than after.
    "From then on, when you see the dog, you will think of it, you will think of it when you see the bones, and you will think of it when you see the bedroom door. When you ride, you will think of it. Only. When you are sleepy, you still sit there and shake it. When you enter the door, you rush out to greet it, run jumping jumping pants, the small stools that are lost somewhere, and the big chicken legs that are snatched away are piled up in memory. In depths, I can't find it anymore ... "
    " I always said to Mi Tsai, I changed her to raise me in the next two years. I thought about it that day. You still don't raise me in your next life, we blame it, you remember to come to me, I still raise you, you still come to be my kitten. "
    always thought that the years were long. We have a lot of time to use it. Come back and forgive
    "I had a very important exam in November last year. At that time, a dog left at home. My parents did not tell me. One week after she left, I dreamed of her. When I woke up, I looked at the ceiling and cried. After crying, I called my parents. They said that I thought too much. When I returned to China in December, I couldn't hide it before I told me that I collapsed. Tears, I miss her very much, I always miss her. At that time, I hadn't returned to China for half a year.也没有梦到过她。”rn “难过、懊悔、自责、想他想他想他!隔一段时间就会感叹:噢!原来他已经走了1个月了,2个月了It's half a year ... I will be more sad after sighing. It turned out that I haven't seen him for so long ... "

    In the beginning, I would like to lose all of them at first, and I didn’t want to lose all. Destiny, I really won't raise a dog anymore in the future, I also hope that it can go to a better master in the next life. There will be no pain, and I will be happy every day. "
    " In high school in high school, I raised more than 9 years. I got a very serious illness and ran all the hospitals in our here. Finally, the doctor advised us to give the dogs to death. My dad took the needle with a little bit to bury it in the place closest to us, and came back. My dad's eyes were red. My mother and I really haven't slowed over for a long time. It has passed for several years. I never raised small animals and could not accept it. When we were free, we would still talk about it. "Later, I mentioned you, my fingers never hurried or frowned. "Probably when I saw this, I looked at the bedside, but he was gone."
    "Wake up from the dream that is lost again and again, and it is gradually paralyzed in the sadness of the recurrence. The memories of him are happy, and he can say calmly that he has left me long ago. "When I burn paper for my grandpa, I would say to help me take care of my little hamster and let my grandfather buy a bread bug for it. What. "
    has always felt that the pets who are brave are brave soldiers, knowing that this is a fate with only ten years, destined to be a sad party, and the pain will accompany them for decades. Disappearing, still bravely moved forward, even if the body was shattered into a smoke, he still cherishes and every day of it.
    It as the conclusion of the bell in "The Mission of a Dog" uses a dog for several life dogs: alive alive alive The meaning of the first thing is to be happy, then to help others, lick the person you love, do not have a bitter face to the past, and do not frowning the future. The most important thing is to live in the present and live in the present.

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