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  1. How to eliminate the smell on the dog: Use incense waves for dogs; squeeze the dog's anal glands.
    For dogs with large body size and heavy body odor, you can choose some professional pet shampoo, which can hurt the dog's skin and hair, but also remove the odor of the dog, so that the dog will keep one for a long time The flavor of the planting is strong, and the odor of the home will be reduced.
    Net squeezing the dog's anal glands. Regularly observe whether the dog's anal glands are blocked and whether they show constipation, and like to rub on the buttocks.
    If a dog lacks exercise for a long time, helping squeeze the anal glands of the dog. This method can reduce the smell that dogs emit after the anal glands blocked.

  2. How to keep dogs without body odor
    Pets live with us every day, and the taste emitted on the body affects the owner all the time. Most of the owners often use fragrant shampoos to help dogs take a bath to remove the smell of the dog's smell. However, the results are limited, and dogs are often allowed to dye skin diseases. In fact, as long as you master some tips, you can significantly improve the taste of the dog.
    It dogs like to be close to the owner's face washing, but after a dog with bad breath, after being severely rejected by the owner, there will be a phenomenon of psychological injury. In addition to this problem, some dog's eyes will appear unknown. Swelling and bleeding, bleeding of cheeks ulcers, or unknown bleeding of nostrils. The examination was discovered that it was a problem caused by teeth stones; for old dogs, bad teeth can cause poor nutrition absorption, and the decrease in antibacterial resistance of dogs and dogs will also cause bacteria to cause bacteria What should I do if it is very harmful to the dog's body in the long run? In fact, as long as the owner helps to wash your teeth regularly every two years and effectively control the dog's dental stones, the dog can have a good breath.
    Is when the dogs are frequently dumped or scratching their ears, it means that the dog's ears have a problem, but many careless owners have discovered the smell of the dog's ears. In fact, as long as the owner uses the right way Clean up earwax can reduce this situation.
    The existence of earwax can help the ear to fight against foreign diseases. The color of the earwax is white, light yellow, yellow, and the shape is normal from powder, block to soft mud, but must be cleaned regularly, otherwise the normal ears must There will be bad taste. In the past, most of the owners cleaned the dog's ears with a cotton swab, but if the dog's earwax was wet and soft, such a move would accidentally push the earwax to the darker ears, causing the dog's ears to discomfort. In this case, the most. First use the potion to soften the earwax, and then use the power of the dog to throw your ears to eliminate the earwax.
    Himing the anal line regularly
    Contured dog health
    The fat fat that many dogs are spoiled by the owner are fat, making the dog a major anal glander. When the owner finds that the dog often squats Sitting on the ground, moving forward with the forefoot to rub the butt, or the dog always wants to bite the fart, but the skin near the fart has a dermatitis, or the left or right below the dog's anus, the small pustule, this There are problems with small anal glands.
    Anal glands have the function of helping dogs to identify, because each dog's anal glands have different tastes, because the most common actions that dogs do when they meet each other. When I heard the other party’s fart, in addition, when the dog lives in the wild, the anal glandular fluid is left on the grass through the grass to indicate the scope of the dog. Not many, the muscle strength of the legs is reduced, and the excess anal glands cannot be pushed out, causing the anal glands to block and swell and swell. When helping the dog to take a bath, the owner can help the dog to clean up the anal glands by the way to keep the dog healthy.
    The method of cleaning the anus line, it is recommended to ask the dog's exclusive veterinarian to demonstrate once, which can be more accurately grasped. As long as the owner pays more attention to these three places, you will not only find that the taste of the dogs will improve a lot, but also the taste of the dog is much improved, but it will also be much improved, but it will also be much improved, but it will also be much improved. It can reduce the chance of dog disease, you can try it if you love dogs

  3. Use the dog's special shower gel
    do not use human
    because the pH value of the dog and the person is different
    , and the dog's shower gel is sterilized
    The effect of disinfection
    The special dog perfume
    must be remembered after taking a shower
    R n best once a week

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