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  1. First of all, the most needed dogs are not just money, more love and patience and companionship. At present, in China, although pet supplies and medical expenses are a high consumption. Of course, some specific dogs need more money.才能饲养,以展现它们独特的品质,接下来为您介绍几种适合新手适合大众喂养的宠物:rnrn1:当然是我们本土的中华田园犬,因为是土生土长的本地犬, It is more suitable for the feeding of our people. Most of the Chinese pastoral dogs are docile and loyal. It is suitable for guardian centers and protects the owner. Because it is suitable for local environmental climate, it is rarely sick. As long as there is sufficient food in daily life, you can survive well.

    2: Teddy: Teddy is lively and lovely, likes to be close to others, the IQ is also very high, the amount of food is small, and the hair is not lost. Latuo's IQ is very high, understanding, like to play with the owner, take care of it, obedient

    4: The mini Doberman is also called a deer dog. The requirements for breeding conditions are not high

    5: Chihuahua is one of the smallest pet dogs in the world. The eyes are round and large. It takes a lot of money to raise

    6: Golden retriever, but the hair is relatively long, and the hair loss is usually serious. You need to take care of it often

    Don't give examples one by one.

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