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  1. You can refer to the following

    The pet adoption agreement Party A (adoptor): ID number: Contact information: address: Party B (adopter): ID number: Contact information: Site: Dog of adopted dogs Dog data: variety: Bomei (white) Name: Little Snowball Gender: Public Health: Good Age: 2 months of immune: No Certificate: No sterilization: No deworming: Whether to accept rabies vaccine: Whether it is for a life for a life Responsible attitudes, the two parties reached an agreement after friendly negotiation: Note: The "little snowball" appearing in the text refers to the pets adopted, that is, pets that are adopted by Party A. First, Party A will give a small snowball to Party B for free. 2. Party B voluntarily accepts Party A's pet snowball and ensures that the pets have the ability to raise the pet. 3. Party A's rights and obligations: (1) Before Party B accepts pets, it should provide appropriate food and activity space to ensure its health. (2) The health of pets that are truthfully sued by Party B. (3) Provide other necessary consultations and assistance for Party B and adopt. 4. Party B's rights and obligations:
    (1) Before receiving, Party B has the right to ask Party A to provide the real situation of the health, personality and hobbies of Party A with the health status, personality and hobbies. (2) Do not abandon or adopt pet snowballs. (3) Try to provide dog food, nests and pets for small snowballs as much as possible. Provide clean drinking water. (4) Wash the small snowballs such as small snowballs, injection vaccines, and deworming, and should not be used to clean the small snowballs. (5) Provide medical measures for Xiaoxue when necessary. (6) Do not receive a written permit of Party A shall not transfer small snowballs to the third person, and must not change the name of the small snowball. (7) When Party A needs to visit the pet small snowball, Party B shall not excuse to refuse. If Party A needs to visit Shenzhen, Party B shall send the small snowball to Party A. When Party B sent the small snowball to Party A to visit, when the visits frequently exceeded the February, Party B had the right to refuse. When Party A has to pick up a small snowball breeding, Party B shall not refuse and shall be handed over in Shenzhen. Party A shall not take back the feeding as a long -term (long -term indexes of more than 2 weeks) to stay in the small snowball. (8) It is not allowed to perform inhumane and unnecessary surgery for small snowballs, such as: sterilization, deodorization, removing canine teeth, and cutting ears and tails. (9), you must take safety measures to go out with a small snowball. If you tie the traction rope, you must not be lost and escape. (11), Party B shall notify Party A's basic situation and major matters to Party A from time to time, and shall not conceal it. (12) During the adoption of Party B, if you feel that you can't do any of the above obligations, you can return the healthy and clean pets to Party A unconditionally and timely, so that Party B's liability for breach of contract can be exempted. V. Delivery and risk transfer (1) According to the relevant provisions of the Contract Law, Party A must not revoke Party B's breeding rights after the delivery of small snowballs. That is to say, after the small snowball is delivered to Party B, Party B should be kept carefully. (2) After the small snowball is delivered, the personal or property damage caused by the small snowball invasion of the snowball shall be responsible for Party B, and Party A shall not bear the responsibility. (3) If Party A does not deliver a small snowball, Party B can ask it for delivery. 6. Responsibility for default
    (1) If Party B does not fulfill its adoption obligations in accordance with regulations, Party A has the right to unilaterally request recovery of small snowballs. (2) If Party B abuses and abandon the small snowball, Party A can receive a liquidated damage of 5,000 yuan. (3) If the small snowball dies due to Party B, Party A has the right to charge 1,000 yuan in liquidated damages. The elderly death of the small snowball and the euthanasia agreed by the two sides at the age of age are not subject to this restriction. 7. Supplementary clauses (1) The date of signing this agreement will take effect. From the date of effectiveness, any party has a breach of contract, and the other party can unilaterally unilaterally release this contract. (2) If there is controversy, the two sides should think about the healthy life of the small snowball, and the friendly attitude should be resolved. (3) If a dispute occurs, the two sides agreed to handle the case by jurisdiction over the people's court where the adoptor is located. (4) This agreement is in two copies. Both parties and B each hold one copy, which takes effect after signing. Party A: Party B: Year, month, day, month, month, day

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