Can I raise golden hair dogs at work and get off work?

Put golden retriever in the dormitory, go home to play

5 thoughts on “Can I raise golden hair dogs at work and get off work?”

  1. I don't recommend pets. The reason is that if you are working in the workplace, you will often encounter troubles on business trips, overtime, etc., you can neither work with peace of mind or go home to take care of your dog.
    The can not go out to travel. Dogs will be a bond when you travel; you cannot easily send your pet shop to foster care. That is the dog who leaves you alone and will get depression, so it is not suitable for foster care.
    The family of pets will have odors. It is the taste of dogs and cats, and there is no way to change even if they take a bath every day.
    This dogs must buy dog ​​food for them and not give them food random. Otherwise, it will affect the growth and smoothness of hair. Buying food and supplies for dogs is also a lot of expenses. If there is no financial strength, it is better not to raise dogs, so as not to have a bitter life.

  2. It is not easy to feed small animals. Occasionally, office workers work overtime, dogs become worries, so it is not recommended to support small animals.

  3. The elder brother and sister at work can raise dogs. When I go to work, put the dog in the house and take it away from get off work. However, the cost of raising golden fur is very expensive. Buying dogs, meals, injection fees, special dog wash, etc., you need to consider it.

  4. cannot. When you know that he is distressed by you, you will blame yourself without sufficient love, unless you have two dogs, what dogs, there is a companion, but you can’t demolish your family.

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