2 thoughts on “The dog is too thin, what to eat can make it fatter”

  1. Dogs can eat some highly nutritious foods to gain weight quickly, such as nutritious dog food, occasionally feeding some cooked chicken breasts and beef, and properly supplement some vitamins. In addition to dog food, you also need to be fed regularly every day to avoid the dog body consumption. If the dog is picky, it is best to take it to a pet hospital for examination, if there are parasitic infections, gastroenteritis, etc.

  2. The dog's body is thin, there are many reasons, such as more parasites, poor gastrointestinal absorption, food problems, etc.
    Previously, I only fed the leftovers and did not feed the dog food. Later, the dogs were very thin and I was not fat. I was afraid of the dog. Nutrition, learned from the doctor's mouth that the nutrition of the leftovers is not enough, and it cannot meet the nutritional needs of the dog. According to the introduction, I bought a "non -greasy natural dog food" and usually feed some vegetables and fruits occasionally, in order to in order It didn't take long for the dog to gain weight, of course, you must insist on deworming, and the impact is also great.
    above is a personal experience, hopes to adopt

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