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  1. The analysis is as follows;
    1, adopt dogs and do not need money, but you have to apply for a dog for a dog.
    2, generally there is no harsh condition to adopt dogs, and the procedures for processing are simple. It is best to adopt a dog to go to the local animal adoption center to consult and understand the situation, and then handle it in accordance with the process standards. Generally speaking, you need to bring your ID card, you need to fill in some forms to leave contact information, address, and relevant information about adopting dogs.
    3, adopt the dog to take the dog to make a quarantine certificate, first obtain the dog immunization certificate, and then bring the application form for dog breeding and the cities of the city's permanent residence or temporary residence certificate. Registration of dog breeding in the location needs to apply for dogs to apply for dogs. The specific procedures and procedures need to complete the dog breeding of civilized sciences in accordance with local regulations.
    Extension information
    (1) Dogs have complete civil behavior capabilities;
    (2) Fixed residences and live households;
    (4) The dogs raised in accordance with Article 9 of these regulations on the number of dogs, varieties, and standards of dogs;
    (5) other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.
    The resident dog breeding, should bring dogs to the district city city city city and environmental sanitation administrative department or the city street office entrusted to apply for registration, fill in the dog raising registration form, and provide the following materials:
    (1) Resident household registration book, identity certificate;
    (2) immunocardi certification issued by animal epidemic prevention agencies established in accordance with the law;
    (3) There are two photos of dogs.
    The competent administrative departments of the city and city city city and environmental sanitation or the urban street office entrusted to the censorship shall be registered and registered for the censorship, and the dog breeding certificate and dog signs shall be issued. It shall be handled within seven working days from the date of receiving the materials; if you do not register, a written reply shall be given and the reason should be explained.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia: Dog Certificate

  2. Adopting dogs does not need money, but you have to apply for a dog's dog certificate, buy dog ​​food, dog supplies, these are all cost money
    Note: : Find a regular rescue agency
    Nowadays, many rescue agencies often cheat money in the name of helping dogs. When you say you want to adopt a dog The reason to cheat money, so when wanting to adopt a dog, you must find a regular institution that rescue dogs;
    Thetest: Determine the type of dog you want to receive
    adoption adoption It was originally a good thing, but the difficulty of the pet owner felt that it was inappropriate after adopting the dog and abandoned the dog again. Therefore, when adopting the dog, you must be prepared to take care of the dog for a lifetime. Because of my own impulse, the dog was abandoned again;
    The items 3: Prepare the dog's integration of the dog n before taking the dog home Dogs arrange a suitable living environment;
    Thetest matters: Dog's vaccine and physical examination
    The dogs are also important to get vaccine. After adopting the dog, the first thing is Take the dog to the hospital for a whole body examination, and then hit all the vaccines that should be hit;
    The items 5: Give a bath or beauty
    For the health of the pet owner and the dog Before taking the dog home, take the dog to the beauty shop to take a bath to make a look, take the dog cleanly, but separate the time for the dog to take a bath and the time for the dog to vaccine.
    The adoption of dogs should be given a home and a shelter. Therefore, we must be fully prepared before adopting the dog to take care of it for a lifetime.
    Extension information:
    The conditions required for adopting dogs:

    The channels for adopting dogs are currently many. Now many cities have set up animal adoption centers. We can from there. Adopting one while not only satisfying the desire to raise dogs, but also a force on the problem of unmanned stray dogs. So what are the requirements for adopting dogs, we need to understand.
    . The adopter must really like the dog. If you adopt it, you cannot take good care of the dog or have no time and patience for a period of time.
    . Adoplars need to have a certain economic strength. At least they have the ability to prepare a warm residence for the dog. The food and clothing of three meals a day must be guaranteed. If the adopters cannot be solved by themselves, it is not recommended to adopt dogs.
    . After adopting the dog, you need to take the dog to a quarantine certificate. First obtain the dog immunization certificate, and then bring the application form for dog breeding and the cities of the city's permanent residence or temporary residence certificate. To apply for a dog raising registration at the designated place, you need to apply for a dog's dog.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia -Dog Certificate

  3. Adopt dogs without money ..

    but you have to apply for a dog for a dog.
    buy dog ​​food,
    dog supplies, these are all cost money

    The most important thing is to see what dogs you raise .. grass dogs (Wild Dog) It is better to raise. Pet dogs are more difficult to raise, and pay attention to it.
    The diet.

    For grass dogs, only three meals a day can only be eaten, so grass dogs can eat everything, so people can give them what they eat.

    For pet dogs, pet dogs are best fed with dog food. They have poor resistance. Some pet dogs also need to supplement vitamins, calcium.

    daily life,
    1 Pay attention to walking dogs regularly,
    The habit of fixed time, fixed -point excretion.
    sometimes they will be excreted at home. At that time, they must pay attention to proper scolding and lead it to the place it excreted to scold it. Don't be too hot. Usually, dogs can understand your scolding.

    2 When walking the dog, you should also pay attention,
    do not let them eat things on the ground at will, and some will cause bacteria to cause dogs to get sick.

    3 Dogs should take a bath regularly,
    This must be dry after bathing, otherwise it is easy to get sick.

    4 In summer, some dogs will be greedy. Pay attention to the dogs that the dogs should not blow too much air conditioner, otherwise they will affect their own temperature regulation and adaptability.

    5 The residence of the dog must be clean and warm. You can use a sponge or shabby clothes to put it in the nest. Guarantee temperature.

    6 Dogs like to play with humans. Don't ignore them. Their hearts are vulnerable to harm.

    7 Dogs are sick. Be sure to bring it to the pet hospital immediately. Do not use people's usual thinking to end, which is likely to cause huge damage to the dog ...

    In some places, you need to apply for a certificate for dogs .. If you have this economic condition at home, you'd better apply for a dog, but some places to apply for a certificate are more expensive ..
    E every dog ​​is a life, I hope you can you can Look at it as a member of the family, don't abandon it easily, the dog is very loyal ..

  4. It depends on what channels you adopt your dog. If it is a regular volunteer group and pet welfare agency, it usually does not require money. But in contrast, you must meet the conditions for adoption. Usually, an agreement will be signed to uniformly feed scientific, and regularly return to visit. You must not discard or transfer others at will. You must apply for a dog certificate, have enough space at home, and so on. If it is adopted from the private private person, it depends on what conditions the other party is issued. Occasionally there are free, but most of them need you to pay a certain amount of milk powder or raising costs. For this kind of adoption, there are indeed some good people, but now there are more scammers. With the banner of free adaptation, they take the opportunity to collect your money. Although the dog does not want money, it will ask for money from other aspects. It is recommended to adopt regular institutions. Dogs over there are usually a bit miserable. If you can meet a good owner and give it a warm home, this dog is usually very good and very good, and regular institutions are usually given to it. They do physical examinations, and some do a good job of sterilization to ensure that there is no problem to let you adopt back. Adopting a dog like this is definitely saving a life.

  5. If you go to adopt your dog, don't money unless it is a black household. Because you adopt it for love, you will not ask for money. Pay attention to the diet first depends on how old your dog is. If it is puppies and dog food, it is best to eat natural food and soak in hot water. If you are a big dog, you do n’t need to soak. Eat less salty foods such as: the dishes we eat sausages, etc., try to feed as little as possible, or dogs are prone to tears. Then you have to take your dog to the pet hospital to check your body to see if there are small viruses, skin diseases, etc. If you do n’t have to stay at home for a week, you need to buy insect repellent for dogs! (I have never been uncomfortable, and then take the vaccine after taking the insect medicine and then take about 7 days. My dog ​​has three stitches of the US Pfizer vaccine and a rabies imported by one needle. The nest of the dog must be warm. If you can, you can also buy a dog cage, so you can put the dog in the cage when you are not at home. So as not to run randomly! If you are a puppy, try not to take a bath. If you are dirty, buy dry hair powder, so as not to take a bath. Do not take a bath during the vaccine period. It is good for dogs, because if you get sick during the vaccine, the dogs are sinned and the vaccine is also tied up, so pay attention! Do not let it be alone with dogs, don't let it be alone. These are my experience of raising dogs, hey, I hope I can help you! By the way, dogs must not eat chocolate seafood. Chocolate can cause dogs to lose their lives. Seafood will make the dog skin disease, usually walk it and add it!

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