5 thoughts on “Why are there so many people who love dogs, and there are still many stray dogs?”

  1. There are more and more people who like dogs and dogs, but the situation of China's stray dogs does not seem to have changed. There are still many stray dogs eating garbage and dirty water on the streets! The reason is that in addition to the self -reproduction of stray dogs, the five reasons for abandonment are still too concerned!
    1. Although the owner is losing the dogs who like to raise dogs, the number of people who like to raise dogs gradually increases, but many pet owners still lack a sense of safety. Many dogs lose incidents every year. People can also have popular dog species such as golden wool, Labrador, Husky, and poodles among stray dogs! Once again, we must call on the pet owner of the dog. When you go out, you must look at your own hairy children, bring traction to avoid the dog's loss!
    2. When the economic conditions are not well raised, many people raised dogs. They do not consider that pet dogs and rural dogs are actually different concepts. Pet dogs have to burn more money, especially some medium and large dogs. Can "eat poor" college students and other people with not independent economies and other revenues, and raised themselves to eat soil, so some people with poor sense of responsibility will also abandon the dogs who trust themselves!
    3. In order to move, there is still some reasons because the owner does not raise a dog after moving the house. A reason for moving, push the dog out! So there are more new members of the Chinese stray dogs!
    4. Due to the abandoned dogs, they are so powerful that some people will also feel that the dogs are so good because they feel that the dogs are so good, and the extra cost of feeding is too high, and the dog is abandoned. In fact, most dogs are not suitable for long -term indoor feeding. Dogs are animals that are active and played. At the same time, they also need to grind their teeth and bite. Snacks, dogs' behavior can also be greatly reduced!
    5. Due to abandoned dogs with skin diseases. Many of the abandoned pet dogs suffer from skin diseases because the owner's improper breeding causes the dog to suffer from skin diseases. Spending money, so the dog was abandoned by the owner as a stray dog! When raising dogs, the pet owner must pay attention to the light diet. People with high salt or dogs often feed high salt, which will damage the health of the dog's skin and easy to develop skin diseases.
    The staple food is recommended to choose a natural dog food with light and low salt, high -protein, low -fat, and deep -sea fish oil as below. It can take care of the dog's skin's hair healthy, nourish the skin of the dog, and relieve skin inflammation. Pay attention to the daily care so that the dog will expose the sun more, and keep the hair dry after taking a bath.

  2. Because everyone just likes their cute appearance, and it does not really like this animal. Many people like some better dogs, but relatively ugly stray dogs will not like it.

  3. Although there are more people who love dogs, the number of dogs is more than those who love dogs, and there will be some other situations to choose to abandon this animal, and slowly stray dogs will become more and more.

  4. Because raising a dog requires a lot of energy, they need to take a bath. If they are sick, they will take them to see a doctor, so that people will not accept it. They feel too wasteful, they will abandon the dogs.

  5. Although there are so many people who love dogs, there are many people who abandon dogs. Some dogs do not like dogs so much, so some dogs are abandoned when they are sick or moving. These abandoned dogs have become stray dogs. Although some dogs are not abandoned, they run out one day, the dog owner can't find it, and the dog can't find the way home, they just become stray dogs.

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