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  1. For the health of the dog, dogs need to inject various preventive needles from childhood to large, mainly including:
    two -united vaccine. After weaning the dog for 15 days, injection is used to prevent canine plague and small viruses.
    Ittae seedlings. Including the four -united vaccine and the eight -united vaccine. Four -linked vaccine can prevent canine plague, small viruses, sub -influenza, adenovirus type 2 and infectious hepatitis. Based on the basis of the four coupons, the crocodile -end spiral bodies that prevent coronary virus and two types are added. Which kind of injection needs to be selected according to the popularity of local diseases. No matter which one is selected, it needs to be injected twice, each time the interval is 2-3 weeks.
    rabies vaccine. Generally, the injection of the immune in the front of the seedlings is to prevent dogs from infecting rabies and avoiding human beings.
    The vaccine is to prevent infectious diseases, prevent diseases from spreading between dogs, dogs and other animals, and dogs and human beings. If you have a dog, you must bring to a regular pet hospital for vaccine injection. The immune point will arrange the entire immune program and inject it at the point to the point.

  2. The types of epidemic prevention needle are mainly determined by viral diseases that are often susceptible to dogs. At present, rabies are weak poisonous seedlings,
    Iladed and rabies. Small virus three -couplet weak poison seedlings, cat plague and rabies disease two -combined weak poison seedlings,
    dogs pentagram poison seedlings (dog plague, rabies disease, infectious hepatitis, fine virus, sub -influenza) Seedlings. There are also regions
    The rabies, canine plague, etc. into corresponding active vaccines for epidemic prevention.
    I due to the puppies below April age, This is especially true in the high incidence area of ​​the epidemic. For the first injection, repeat every two weeks. At this time, the weak poisonous seedlings.
    (2) For puppies who have not eaten colostrum at 3 weeks, they can start injection at 3 weeks. The injection once in 2 weeks, two consecutive injection.
    (3) Adult dogs inject weak poisonous seedlings twice a year. It is best to add rabies vaccine once a year. At 3-4 weeks after birth, he is injected with high serum once, repeated once every 10 days, and then immunized in the above method.

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