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  1. How to feed healthy for adult Teddy to ensure that adult Teddy dogs can also grow up healthy in the hands of Teddy. So, how to raise an adult teddy dog? Let me tell you how to raise an adult Teddy dog!

    On adult teddy dog ​​how to raise it?
    . The feeding of adult Teddy Precautions
    Pyfered once or twice a day. For small dogs such as Teddy dogs, two meals a day will be particularly beneficial.
    If feed your dog food with room temperature to ensure that it can taste the taste of food normally and smell the smell of food. If you feed it canned food, then take out the cans from the refrigerator and open it until the temperature of the food reaches the temperature, which takes about two hours. Alternatively, you can also consider using the microwave oven to heat the wet dog food taken from the cans, which will save a lot of time. But the food for dogs should not be overheated nor too cold.
    If feeding dry dog ​​food, it should be stored in a dry and clean environment. The re -sealed packaging or seal container can lock the fragrance of the food to keep the food delicious and delicious.
    Man your dog should eat in a quiet place, do not let it be disturbed during eating, and do not let it eat at the place where you eat. Let your dog eat it easier to clean, such as tile ground or on small mats.
    Is when your dog is eating, do not let children disturb it, otherwise it may mistake the children as a "predator" trying to steal its food and cause it to have an attack reaction. If there are other dogs in your home, you should feed them separately to avoid bullying and fighting.
    This should not be fed as much as possible before and after the dog movement, otherwise many dogs will easily occur in intestinal wrapping and stomach obstruction. In this case, please ask a pet doctor to treat it immediately. The correct approach is to feed it before or one hour after your dog is exercised.
    . How much should adult teddy feed?
    The feeding amount according to the recommended amount of the packaging back, but don't forget to recommend feeding, it is just for your reference. Each dog is unique, so the most important consideration of feeding is to keep your dog a slim and healthy posture. Prepare a bowl of clean water for your dog at any time.
    If you want to feed your dog biscuits or snacks, remember to reduce the amount of staple food accordingly. Moreover, the amount of snacks must never exceed 15%of its total food.
    . What food cannot be given to Teddy?
    Although many pet owners will eat leftovers for their dogs, this approach is not desirable because the leftovers leftovers are finally fed. It is almost impossible to reach the balance of diet. Never eat the greasy leftovers or unsustering vegetables for your dog, which will increase its weight.
    raw meat may be infected by bacteria, the bone can damage the teeth and may cause intestinal obstruction. It is also not advisable to feed your dog with cat food, because cat food is designed for cats. For dogs, the vitamins and mineral content of vitamins cannot reach its required balanced ratio. Never eat chocolate for your dog, because chocolate is toxic for dog physiological systems.
    . Change the diet
    Of course, some special situations make you need to replace a new food for your dog. If a dog suffers from a certain disease, it may need to provide a special diet. After changing your diet, your dog may get a few pounds. Some dogs will lose interest in the original dog food brands.
    This Dogs are usually more sensitive to changes in their diet, and try to make the process of changing food smooth and natural. At the beginning, new dog food should be mixed with dog food that they often eat, and then the proportion of new dog food gradually increases the proportion of new dog food until the next 7 to 10 days in the future, until all new dog foods are used for feeding.
    . The nutrition should be balanced
    The parents refused to supplement calcium to supplement it in order to prevent Teddy from growing up. If you really love it, I advise you not to do so. The teddy dog ​​lacks calcium. The starting point is to be petite and cute, but it is easy to drop the root cause after adulthood. In the early stage of calcium deficiency, Teddy would lose appetite, indigestion, differentiated, gradually losing weight, slow growth, and the final symptom is joint swelling , Transformed, forming O or X -legs, lame or lying on the ground, health is gone?
    The adult Teddy is mainly enhanced physique. Calcium tablets, granctions that adjust respiratory systems, etc., can be properly fed some pets to high -speed calcium -soluble, can supplement a variety of pet calcium, 12 trace elements and 8 vitamins at the same time. Vitamins and trace elements also help Teddy's hair and beautiful hair.

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