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  1. Oral problems are also very easy to happen in cats. Do not take the cat's mouth problems inappropriately. The main causes of the cat odor are:
    1. Food cause
    The residue accumulates, or eats certain smells of food, such as canned food, may have a fishy smell.
    All the shoveling officers must do is to give cats mainly to eat dry food. The suitable hardness cat food rubbing teeth, mechanically brushing the teeth. If the food itself tastes great, you can consider changing the food. Brush your teeth 1 ~ 2 times
    2, inflammation of the teeth
    M common, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and oral ulcer, can cause cat odor. The shoveling officer should change the cat's diet, balanced nutrition, can take some antibiotics to fight infection, such as the mild oral ulcer, redness, swollen inflammation, and damaging and bleeding. Let's seek medical treatment in time.
    3, poor gastrointestinal digestion
    The cats are indigestion. Food in the intestine will secrete some gas, and it will cause bad breath from the mouth. Of course, there will be diarrhea, constipation, vomiting and other phenomena.
    4, other body parts of diseases
    It like diabetes, the mouth may emit a rotten smell like pear flavor; and at advanced renal diseases, it may emit an acid smell It is best to seek medical treatment in time if you do bad breath, let the professional doctor check the cat, check the cause of the illness in time, and you can also apply the right medicine.
    5, lack of vitamin B
    The vitamin B needs many cats, but it cannot be missing, otherwise there will be bad breath and anemia. If the cat is due to the lack of vitamins, it can add some vitamin B powder to the food, or you can eat some foods with high vitamin B to supplement vitamins.
    6, never brushing your teeth
    Mi maybe there are no reasons for cats or more, but because the simplest does not brush your teeth, it may be that the shoveling officer feels that the cat brushes his teeth is not important or shovel shovel shovel. The official felt that it was more troublesome to brush his teeth, so he never brushed his teeth. This method will also cause cats to have oral problems, and there will be bad breath. If this is the reason, the shoveling officer needs to brush the cat regularly. At the same time Do not use human toothpaste and toothbrush for cats.

  2. Do you have brushed his teeth for two months,
    The drool on his mouth, maybe you are sick,:
    n Source: E Pet Mall

    The drooling water is a mouthful or desire in the human dictionary. For cats, the situation is completely different. If the cat is mouthful, it is to eat it in your mouth. Even if you ca n’t do your best, you will use the “meow” to call the desire of “I want to eat” with a paw to grab the sofa. When a cat drools, the owner will be vigilant. Because, in the cat, drooling is not a mouthful of mouth, but a sickness.

    Is when the cat drools, the owner must first check it by himself. Recalling what the cat rice in recent meals is, check whether there is a fishbone stuck in its throat. After excluding this situation, the following situations will also cause drooling symptoms.

    1, stomatitis. Generally, it is a fishbone or bone tie cavity, or is scratched by sharp wares such as wooden thorns, nails, or other unknown objects cause damage or secondary infection to the oral mucosa. Of course, overheating foods cause oral mucosal burns to cause it.

    It in the early stage of oral inflammatory disease, cats have normal appetite, but chewing is difficult, slow, or even swallowing jujube, making the owner feel that "how to eat the rude cats who have always become like an old man suddenly." And drooling indicates that its stomatitis has reached a certain degree of severity. The owner opened the cat's mouth, and he could find that the mouth was flushed, swollen, blisters, ulcers, etc. When he was uncomfortable, he scratched his mouth with his front foot, and his expression was painful.

    Thising the cat's mouth with fresh saline is a simple and easy method. Washing 2-3 times a day, at the same time, oral vitamin B, or antibiotics to prevent secondary infection of oral inflammatory disease. The diseased cats in severe diaphragm have increased their body temperature and can not be eaten. The symptoms are serious. The owner should go to the pet hospital for treatment to treat the professional doctor to inject the physiological saline of glucose.

    During the illness, the cat's diet is best to be nutritious, easy to digest juice or soft liquid food, such as fish soup and broth to reduce the burden of chewing. The owners of many cats should beolate the sick cats. Do not contact healthy cats. All the utensils used by the sick cat should be completely disinfected without mixing with healthy cats. After contacting the diseased cat, the owner must wash his hands and disinfection before he can contact healthy cats.

    2, pharyngitis. The cause of pharyngitis is roughly the same as those of stomatitis, and foreign objects such as fishbone and bones damage the throat mucosa caused by inflammation, or food with high food temperature and too low. Of course, oral infections, colds, tonsillitis, etc. can also follow pharyngitis. Vitamin A deficiency will also be complicated with inflammation of the throat.

    This cats with pharyngitis at the beginning of the symptoms of eating slowly, gradually developing into dietary difficulties, or loss of appetite, drooling, retching, empty swallowing, etc. And the body temperature rises. The owner opened the cat's mouth, and he could see the mucosal mucosa congestion and swelling.

    In addition to stomatitis and pharyngitis, cats have gingivitis, periodontitis, and tonsillitis, and there will also be drooling.

    Is when you cannot judge why cats drool, it is recommended to send pet hospitals and ask professional doctors for treatment.

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