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  1. Gery Dog, native to Tibet, China, Chinese named Bagu, and a Grandic Dog. Announcement of Dutch dogs, ax dogs. The vertebrates are easy to insert with eyelashes. There are obvious two tear marks on the head folds because they are prone to tear tube obstruction. The body is small and cute, and it is easy to cultivate because it does not need to exercise frequently or organize back fur. Its communication is to communicate with the sound of breathing and the sound of nose like a horse. Walking on the way to shake like a professional boxer, these features make them love the public.

    The Bagu dogs mainly have two types of rose ears and buttons. The morphological characteristics are large and not arched. The ears are thin, small, and soft, mostly: rose ears and buttons. The nose is short and flat. The mouth is short and a bit wide, but it does not have no tilling. The mouth is more prominent when the mouth is merged, and the neck is short and thick. The front leg is strong and powerful, straight. Retreating straight and flexible, with sound toes, and black toenails. The rear knee angle is appropriate, and the joints are vertically on the ground. The back is short, the back line and the horizontal direction are straight. The tail curls to the top of the hips, and the multi -curling is more beautiful.

    The diet, the Yaobu ​​is a carnivorous animal, with fresh food requirements, and the amount of food is determined according to its size. It can be appropriately given to some vegetables for digestion. The Yaobu ​​is greedy, so you must master the time to supply food to develop good eating habits. The Bagu dog is very active, but its respiratory tract is very short. For severe exercise, it will cause its breathing to be rapid and hypoxia. Therefore, the Bagu dog is not suitable for violent activities. It is best to go out in a walk and bring it to prevent it from being everywhere. run.

    For the Yaobu, some experts believe that they originated in the Scottish region and passed to Asia. Dogs belong to the oriental dogs. They originally originated from the short -haired species of Beijing dogs. In fact, they were Northeast dog species. The ancestral home was the northeast of my country, which is often said by the Manchu people. Breeding with bullfighting dogs; some people think that the Bagu dog is a small type of French dog. Many painters have reflected this dog. In the Victorian era, the popularity of this dog reached its peak.

  2. The Bay dog ​​originated in 400 BC. It is a very long history of dog species. The Bagu dog has a variety. The Bagu dog is a small dog. Its size is relatively small.

  3. Of course, there is only one type, and the size of this dog is relatively small; the Bagu dog originated in 400 BC and is a particularly ancient dog breed.

  4. They are generally divided into two varieties of rose ears and buttons. This dog originated in China and is a pet of nobles in ancient Chinese courts. It is very popular in the Song Dynasty.

  5. Because the Bay dog ​​has some similar places to the Beijing dog, experts believe that it is a very ancient dog breed that originated in China and originated in 400 BC. During the Kangxi reign, the Emperor Peter of Russia sent an ambassador to China, and the Qing government presented two Bagu dogs as a gift.

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